May 30, 2024

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Google launches “Find My Device” network for Android

Google launches “Find My Device” network for Android

Google will roll out Find My Device this weekend. This uses Android phones from other users in the vicinity and means you can also find devices that are not connected to the Internet.

Google had already announced its Find My Device network last year, but the launch was postponed to work with Apple on a global standard for this type of technology. The goal was to prevent the function from also being used to track someone's movements and, for example, provide stalkers with an additional tool. After all, this was the unintended consequence when Apple also launched AirTag for Android. Google delayed the release of its tool until Apple included this protection in iOS 17.5.


Google's Find My Device helps you locate lost smartphones, headphones, and trackers. The new network is an extension of this network, and can also find devices when they are not connected to the Internet. This feature will also let you find Fast Pair accessories, such as earbuds or headphones, that have been disconnected from your device.

According to an email sent by Google to users earlier this week, the solution will be launched “within three days,” which means Sunday or Monday. Android users will receive a notification on their device when the network is available. The solution is enabled by default and must be disabled via Find my device Connected.

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