May 30, 2024

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This feature is replaced in Windows 11 by Copilot

This feature is replaced in Windows 11 by Copilot

After the arrival of a special button for the Copilot AI assistant on new Windows laptops, Microsoft is taking another step forward with the new Windows 11 update. The company is disabling another feature in Windows 11 to give people faster access to the smart assistant.

Until now, in Windows 11, you always saw your notifications when you swiped from the right side of the screen. But from the new update for Windows 11 you will get: The co-pilot introduced.

This can be a major inconvenience for people who don't want tech companies to push AI jobs. On social media It seems awkward On change. “This obsession with pushing AI stuff is becoming unbearable on almost all platforms,” Thomas Kunith said on Channel X. “I don’t like products to bend in directions I don’t want.”

But for those who have embraced AI, it's a handy new addition to quickly access Assistant. Fortunately, you can still open your notifications via a button on the taskbar.

Copilot everywhere

It's clear that Microsoft is fully committed to Copilot. In addition to swiping from the right side of your screen, Copilot can now also be found in the taskbar and you can open the Assistant using the key combination (Windows + C).

Furthermore, Microsoft's alternative to ChatGPT can also be found in the Edge web browser, Bing search engine, and in Microsoft 365 software.

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