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Xiaomi Mi 11T series launched on September 23, 120W charger

Xiaomi Mi 11T series launched on September 23, 120W charger

Information leaked for the first time about the best Xiaomi devices of the fall: the Mi 11T series. Mi 11T Pro will cost 514 euros converted and the series will be presented on September 23. We discuss what we already think we know about these smartphones.

Xiaomi Mi 11T

In a good month, Xiaomi will launch new premium devices, the MI 11T series. that vietnamese youtube It is already leaking information about the Xiaomi Mi 11T and Mi 11T Pro, and that is how we found out that they will be presented worldwide on September 23.

The Mi 11T and the Pro variant will likely get the same display as the regular Mi 11, which is a 120 Hz AMOLED panel. That is, the refresh rate is lower than that of the Mi 10T Pro, but this time it is no longer the LCD. In addition, the Pro version comes with Snapdragon 888 or later Snapdragon 888 Plus under the cover. Xiaomi, on the other hand, will use the MediaTek processor on a regular basis I’m 11, is expected to be Dimensions 1200.

The Xiaomi Mi 10T

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The battery and fast charger should be the standout features of this phone. Xiaomi will use a 5,000mAh battery with the Mi 11T Pro, but the device also features a 120W fast charger. Xiaomi had such a charger before shown In the Mi 10 UltraHowever, this device was not launched in China until last year.

Xiaomi is supposed to pay the price of its flagship Mi 11T Pro phones because of the camera setup Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite to use. Traditionally, the Mi T series consists of cheaper phones that have a powerful chipset. So we expect a 64MP main camera, followed by an 8MP wide-angle camera and a 5MP telemacro camera. The latter sensor can photograph objects from a very close distance.

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Xiaomi Mi 11T series launched on September 23, 120W charger
Xiaomi is expected to return with the Mi 11 screen

Price and availability

Finally, information about the price has also been leaked, because the Mi 11T Pro will cost 514 euros converted. Although the actual price in Holland and Belgium is likely to be higher. Xiaomi will also hold a launch event on August 26, but the company will not be showing any smartphones there. This day is mainly dominated by new smart home products.

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