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Xi’s Communists, Heroes and Millionaires Stato-Courier.It Party Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Our Correspondence from the Name of “Moderately Prosperous Society”. This is the promise made to the Chinese 100 years of the Communist Party. Now that the deadline has come, the official date is July 1, and Xi Jinping began the celebrations by rewarding the “ordinary heroes” of communism: Two dozen old comrades and nearly a century old people. A grand ceremony will be held tomorrow in Tiananmen to commemorate the massacre of students, but a note in communist history has referred to it as the “accident”.

Those deaths triggered by far-reaching progress in the 1950s, or millions of victims of the purge or famine of Maoism are branded as “historic nihilism”: state Internet security (audit) administration has boasted since the web Two million records “detrimental to the harmony of the century”. For weeks, “regular suspects”, real or alleged dissidents, have been rounded up.

The statistics prove the slogan of prosperity: yes The 5 million year old Chinese have a million dollars in their pockets; According to Credit Suisse Global Wealth, the number of millionaires in China will increase to 10 million units in the next five years. These rich guys like the party because they are pushed into domestic consumption (we consider them as tourists and the first buyers of our luxury goods). On the other hand, industrial millionaires like Jack Ma have become so powerful that they have begun to disguise the party-state, in fact they are in control. Be approximate 600 million Chinese live on 1,000 yuan a month (Less than 130 euros), Prime Minister Li Keqiang recalled, acknowledging the gravity of social inequality. But that is another story.

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To go down in history, on July 1, actually a hundred years ago, nothing in particular happened. CCP Founding Congress (Jongus Kongchandang) July 23, 1921 a Shikuman, Shanghai French Privilege Capitalist House, In 108 Wands, It still exists and has become a museum, although the street was renamed Jinge and the house number was changed to 78. After July 23, 1921, dozens of participants were frightened by a French police detective, and the crowd went on a cruise boat to Nanhu Lake in the nearby town of Jiaxing. As other debris approached, The revolutionaries pretended to be playing mahong. The assembly ended on July 31, and delegates went home to report the event to the Communists of the time: a total of fifty followers.

After the victory in the Civil War, in 1949, the debate took place Regarding the establishment of the party; Mao did not remember the rule well, was elected from July.

The Shikuman In Jingie 78 was used as a monument. For a long time the red brick house was almost deserted: until the 1970s the people of Shanghai thought to go to China and condemned the egalitarianism. With market reforms, Deng Xiaoping suggested it “Rich is glorious” And everyone promised to keep their own business in mind. Until 2017, very few Chinese people met at the party museum, and they loved Disney Shanghai. However, in 2018, he received the opportunity to live as General Secretary and President from the 19th Congress. Xi Jinping took his Politburo members to Jingyi Street, Reiterating the Pledge of Allegiance to the CCP: “It is my desire to support the Party’s program, to adhere strictly to its discipline, to keep its secrets, to fight for Communism for the rest of my life, and to be willing to sacrifice everything, without sacrificing everything.” First The museum has been renovated, The columns of the Chinese on the extended, compulsory pilgrimage became sacred to welcome (they call it the Red Tour). Gadgets are sold in the store Plastic bottles with hammer and sickle on the label. Marketing has ruined the beauty of the place of worship.

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Once upon a time, near the table where the founding fathers gathered, there was a photo with their tragic biographies. They disappeared in the update as the titles were exposed under blurry images of Protocominist sacred cards. Controversial human and political events. There were 12 comrades with Mao: only one, Dong Piu, did not escape between wars, betrayals and cleansings. He fell to Suheng in 1935; Sen Tanglu was hanged in 1943 for treason; Wang Jinmi emigrated to the Soviet Union; Deng Enming was assassinated by Kuomintang nationalists in 1931; Li Hanjun, the owner, also died in the war Shikuman; Li Da was tortured during the Cultural Revolution; Liu Renjing, who was cleaning up when the bus collided on his way to the gardens in Beijing; Zhang Guttao fled to Canada; Sen Kongbo, shot; Jaw Fohai died in prison. He also betrayed the thirteenth Communist apostle, Pao Huiseng (who was not in the commemorative photograph), but was pardoned because he needed a monument: he was entrusted with the task of writing the party’s unbiased history.

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