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You didn't know these 7 details about the Apple Watch Series 7

You didn’t know these 7 details about the Apple Watch Series 7

Details: 7 important discoveries for the Apple Watch

Why An apple top secret about Apple Watch Series 7 It is a puzzle. One suggestion is that a step back was taken at the last minute, making the upcoming model much less ambitious than Apple previously intended. It might also explain why we didn’t get a radical new design, although this could also be misinformation that was intentionally spread by Apple to thwart rumored rumors. Fortunately, an internal document has now been leaked, where more details can be found. Most of these are little discoveries that you don’t really know – because Apple hasn’t revealed them anywhere before!

#1 Weight: A little heavier

from Apple Watch Series 7 Gain a few grams. Below you can see the weight of the smaller 40/41mm version and the larger 44/45mm version side by side. Apple itself has not released the weight yet.

Weight Series 7 Series 6
Aluminium 32.0g / 38.8g 30.5 g / 36.4 g
Stainless Steel 42.3 g / 51.5 g 39.7g / 47.1g
Titanium 37.0 g / 45.1 g 34.6 g / 41.3 g

#2 New S7 SiP, but same CPU
We wrote earlier that Apple Watch Series 7 same CPU Likes her predecessor. However, something has changed: The entire package of internal components (System-in-Package, or SiP) has been updated and now bears the fingerprint of the S7. Still the S6 CPU we see in Series 6 saws; The speed remains the same. A few of the smaller components may have been replaced to power the larger screen.

S7 offers 20% more performance compared to the S5 chip you get 5 . series and the Apple Watch finds SE. But Series 6 also has this better performance. Apple has often kept the CPU as is. In the Apple Watch Series 5 The S5 chip was identical to its predecessor, but with an additional gyroscope.

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#3 Same tweeter
And as far as the speaker is concerned, not much has changed. The speaker used is the same as the Series 6. It is 50% louder than the speaker Series 3.

Apple Watch Series 7 specifications

#4 32GB Storage
In terms of storage, everything remains the same: it has 32GB of storage, just like Series 6 and Apple Watch I know, This is how MacRumors claims On the basis of private sources. This should be enough to enable future updates as well. In the Series 3, which is still surprising in scope (!), 8GB turns out to be too small to update well.

#5 Snelladen
from Apple Watch Series 7 Supports fast charging: charges up to 80% in just 45 minutes. If you don’t have much time, 8 minutes of charging is enough to measure your sleep again for 8 hours. To support fast charging, Apple has a 1-meter fast charging cable with USB-C, which costs 35 euros. Apple also includes this fast charging cable in the box. You can still use the old USB-a cable, but then charge at normal speed.

Snyder Apple Watch

#6 Beidou Moons
You might not have seen this coming: The Apple Watch Series 7 includes support for Beidou, China’s first satellite navigation system. This is similar to the American GPS, European Galileo, and Russian GLONASS.

#7 Same as U1 and bluetooth chips
On the one hand Ultra broadband No changes: An apple I applied the same U1 chip that you also find in a file Series 6 and in iPhone 12 Found last year. The same Bluetooth 5.0 components are also present. Moreover, functions such as international SOS calls, fall detection and the like have remained the same.

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Apple Watch Series 7 is dust-resistant

Most of the details come from the leaked internal document, in which the specs are compared. Since the announcement, it has become clear that there are still plenty of doubts (also for Apple) surrounding the new Apple Watch. The document also states that all specifications are subject to change (“subject to change without notice”). Download in a larger size can here.

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