February 28, 2024

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You shouldn't miss this on TV tonight

You shouldn't miss this on TV tonight

Movie of the year

magazine. Freek Brackman is flying through the past year again. Provides a summary of 2023's most controversial and influential moments.

At 9.50pm on VTM.

Tom Cruise: Eternal Youth

documentary. Even after a career lasting more than forty years, there is not a single wrinkle that can be seen on Tom Cruise's face. His legendary smile has colored many blockbuster films, from The best until Mission: Impossible. This documentary looks at the man behind the icon. Although he has been the highest-paid actor in Hollywood for years, he remains a mysterious and troubled figure, whose love life and religious beliefs are regular fodder for the tabloids.

9.20pm on VRT CANVAS.

Peace on earth

Talk show. Sven de Liere, together with Philipp Goebbels, Lindy Merckpohl and Jane Bervoets, recalls an eventful year. At the chalet in the Ardennes, host Sven, host Soi Nsoki and judges Jan Beaumans, Tom Weiss, Vienne Germains, Martin Heylen, Nathalie Meskens, Dominique Persson, Kathleen Coles, Amir Bashrouri and Sepidah Sedagatnia bought each other Christmas gifts. Soe and Sven also surprise one of their guests with a new TV show.

9.35pm on VRT 1.

The Addams Family

film. The eccentric but wealthy Adams family is still mourning Fester, his uncle who has been missing for 25 years. Their lawyer Tully is after the family fortune, so he sends Gordon, a con artist, to Gomez and Morticia Addams' castle.

8.35pm on VTM 4.

leave the world behind you

Sandra Bullock had success on Netflix in 2018 with the apocalyptic “Bird Box,” and now her co-star Julia Roberts is also taking her chance with an apocalypse movie. In Leave the World Behind, Amanda and her family spend a weekend at a luxury villa, but they don't have much of a good time. First the TV goes off, then there's a herd of deer in the park, then the owners come home with news that the community is about to collapse due to a cyberattack. A mystery thriller that would probably have received more acclaim than “Bird Box” at the time. “Leave the World Behind” is based on the popular book by Rumman Alam and directed by Sam Esmail, the man behind the hit series “The Master.” Robot'. He previously collaborated with Roberts on the equally wonderful “Homecoming.”

On Netflix.

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I think you should leave

Tim Robinson continues to build on his unique and incomparable world with the third season of the silly sketch show I think you should leave. Stand up for funny parodies Love Island And other dating shows, look out for characters who, amidst all the madness, also radiate tremendous sadness.

On Netflix.

White House Plumbers

Yes Secretary, Cum, thick of it, years and yearsYes, Until 16: We don't easily say no to good political satire. So it was something to look forward to White House Plumbers A five-part miniseries about the “Plumbers” played by Woody Harrelson and Justin Theroux, who had to do everything in their power to ensure Richard Nixon's re-election. Their duties also included robbing the Democratic Party office. We all know how that ended thanks to the Watergate scandal. The director is David Mandel, who directed the last three seasons of the series vice president Produced and co-written Saturday Night Live, Seinfeld And Curb your enthusiasm. So this has to end better than that infamous robbery.

On streams.

Someone somewhere

There are no big stars, no evocative synopsis, and no amazing scenes. However, the first season of Someone somewhere It was among the best we saw last year. A small but very beautiful series about some loners and strangers living in a town somewhere in the middle of the United States. Among all these colorful characters is Sam, played by Bridget Everett, who also wrote the series. Troubled by the past, she finds a place and herself again. She produces wonderful slices of life, sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, and always exquisitely beautiful. Season 2 continues on the chosen path, with seven relatively short episodes once again.

On streams.

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