May 26, 2024

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You will have to pay that much money later

You will have to pay that much money later

The government has a problem. Despite the high fuel prices, the state treasury is running out of money because more and more people are driving with electricity. For this reason, the government is considering charging the kilometer from 2030.

The kilometer charge can be designed in different ways. For example, it might be that everyone has to pay the same amount of money per kilometer, but it might also be the case that the heaviest polluters of fossil-fuel cars have to pay more, the reports say. advertisement.

different scenarios

On average, passenger cars travel about 14,000 kilometers per year. It is expected that we will leave the car more often and our annual mileage will be reduced by about 1,000 km. But even if this were the case, some motorists would have to pay large sums in certain scenarios because of the kilometer cost.

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In one of the scenarios studied, diesel drivers are targeted in particular. Electric vehicle drivers only have to pay 1.34 cents per kilometer, while diesel drivers have to pay 18.35 cents per kilometer driven.

The scapegoat diesel

Accordingly CBS In 2021, a diesel drives an average of around 18,000 km, which means an amount of around €3,300 for private diesel drivers compared to around €200 for the 15,100 km covered by electric vehicles on average. Recently, diesel engines have become popular in the used car market. If this type of kilometer charge was introduced, the popularity would soon be over.

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In the other scenarios, the amounts are closer together. The average amount will be between 7 and 8 cents per kilometer. If we assume 13,000 kilometers per year and multiply that by 8 euro cents (yes, we’re pessimistic), then 1,040 euros are subtracted.

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Legislative proposal for charging the kilometer early 2024

It is not yet known which scenario will be used. Everyone should do what they can about this before a concrete bill is introduced at the beginning of next year. Then it should also be clear how to keep track of the kilometers, without messing it up.

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