April 15, 2024

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Young Ajax scores an excellent victory over Telstar

John Heitinga had made a base for goalkeeper Joey Roggevin, who made his debut with Young Ajax. The 23-year-old saw left-back Anas Salah al-Din as a replacement for Yuri Bass.

Naci Ünüvar started on the left wing which meant Dane Victor Jensen played from 10th. Most striking, however, was the starting position for Songei Hansen, who started from the starting signal for the first time six months ago.

Fresh Young Ajax
It was an opportunity Hansen took advantage of with both hands, as his dribbling caused a lot of trouble for the Telstar defence. Young Ajax often took advantage of the space given to them by the opponent and created quite a few chances in the initial stage.

A beautiful deep pass from Nordine Musamba provided the greatest opportunity, as Danilo was suddenly blocked in front of goalkeeper Trevor Dornbusch. The striker finished off quietly and gave Young Ajax a much deserved lead. The Brazilian also managed to score several times before that, but the Telstar goalkeeper was the biggest star among the visitors.

Telstar could not resist and in their only successful attack Roggeveen was in the right place. The Black and white He couldn’t help but watch how Jong Ajax imposed the attack game and won’t regret the fact that Hansen had to be substituted in the break.

Impulse rule
Young Ajax entered the second half in the same fashion as the match and pushed Telstar back, although now the visitors are more fierce. So Rogavin was able to assert himself more often and the quick reboot made him 2-0. Regeer got the ball, across the entire field, gave a nice arc to Onuvar who shot from the air in one go.

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Before that, Danilo and Jensen could bring Jong Ajax to a safe haven, but their landmarks were always incorrect. It also didn’t matter, because shortly after 2-0 Onuvar again scored Danilo’s pass. The 18-year-old left winger continues his good form in the past few weeks. In the last six matches, he scored six goals and provided assists.

It was a smooth football evening for Jong Ajax, who also played an excellent defensive match. For the first time in over a year, Jong Ajax kept a clean sheet, so it climbed to fifth in the rankings in the Kitchen Champion division.

Young Ajax – Telstar 3-0 (1-0)
16. Danilo 1-0
60 universities 2-0
66 University 3-0

Young Ajax: Roggeveen, Regeer, Llansana, Musampa, Saladin (83. Douglas), Warmerdam, Fitz-Jim (77. Van Gelderen), Jensen, Hansen (46. Martha), Danilo (76. De Waal), Onuvar (76. Giovanni) )