November 30, 2023

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Youri Mulder nominated Geraerts for Schalke after their extra-time meeting: “That’s when I really met Karel” |  Football germany

Youri Mulder nominated Geraerts for Schalke after their extra-time meeting: “That’s when I really met Karel” | Football germany

What a kind word does not do. Karel Geraerts was welcomed with open arms by Schalke 04 in his performance yesterday. Belgian coach Youri Mulder can thank you for that. The Dutch analyst is a member of the supervisory board and informed Geraarts of the additional time after their meeting. “As a person, he suits Schalke perfectly,” Mulder says.

“It’s not that the club and I didn’t know Karel Geraarts before we were in the studio together,” laughs Juri Mulder of his role in recruiting the coach at Schalke 04.

But in the KV Bonheiden canteen, human contact was the seed for further cooperation.

“That’s when I really got to know Karel,” continues the German club’s board member. “I thought: He has something for Schalke.”

“When I was shortlisted to find a new coach, I definitely made an extra effort to speak to him.”

If you come up with a name, Schalke will also look at it seriously.

Yuri Mulder

The right move, as it turns out.

“After the first conversation with Karel, everyone was very excited. About the way he presents himself, about the way he trains, about his vision for football.”

Convincing technical and sporting directors of Geraerts’ approach is no longer necessary.

“It’s good to have consensus about the choice,” Mulder says. “Collaboration with the people who decide on it works very well. If you come up with a name, they will take it seriously.”

Building a stable future

Back to September 9th.

Yuri Mulder asks Karel Geraerts – at that moment temporarily unemployed as T1 – a pointed question about his future.

“You’re basically looking at teams where things aren’t going well?”, winks the Dutch analyst. He did not mention Schalke by name, but in the back of his mind Gerarts was stored as an option.

The fact that he has already signed for the club, which sits in the relegation zone of the German second division with 7 points out of 27, provides a breath of fresh air.

“The general reaction to his performance was also very positive,” says Mulder. “Gerarts showed knowledge in the press conference.” “The German press realized that someone had a clear vision.”

As a person, Geraerts fits Schalke perfectly: open, honest and always looking for personal contact.

Yuri Mulder

Geraerts’ mission is clear: to pull the traditional German club out of the swamp.

“Although Schalke are not looking for short-sighted success,” Mulder shares. “There is a need for a coach who will work with the group in the long term. The club must be able to participate in the Bundesliga in a stable way again in the future, which is a commitment to the fans.”

The Belgian coach will have time for that too.

“You can’t expect miracles from him. Geraarts can’t do it from one day to the next. What he achieved at Union gives hope. He took over from Mazo and maintained stability. He has even done better.”

“As a person, he fits in perfectly with Schalke: open, honest and always looking for personal contact,” Mulder concluded.

Let’s wait and see if the golden tip also translates into golden three-pointers in competition.

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