July 21, 2024

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Youth are the future

Youth are the future

Psychologist and neuroscientist Kayla Green spoke about the functioning of the teenage brain during the “Youth is the Future” program. She has conducted research on brain functioning in young people for years and participates in discussions with the target group. I discussed with Lara, among other things, that the current generation of young people is worried about their future prospects, that today’s teens want to make an impact, and what role social media plays in their well-being.

The fact that young people love to make their voices heard is confirmed by Elie Andre. The 21-year-old is the youngest municipal councilor in the Netherlands to D66 and spoke about the concerns of young people she hears in the municipality of Apeldoorn. She also shared her perspective on the provisional results of the European elections, explained how she communicates with her (older) colleagues and why it is important for young people to be involved in politics. As a message to older generations, Eli points out: “Make space for young people, trust that their voice matters, and also recognize the value of young people.” Don’t just invite them to shoot.

Finally, UNICEF spokesperson Wouter Buijs joined the studio to explain what war and conflict situations do to young people. For example, he said UNICEF provides young people with a place where they can talk to their peers and the relief organization tries to provide them with psychosocial assistance as quickly as possible. He agrees that young people are best at making an impact. He appeals to them, saying: “The best beginning begins with you, because you are the driving force towards changing the regime.”

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