December 6, 2023

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YouTube Premium just got more expensive (here are the new prices)

YouTube Premium just got more expensive (here are the new prices)

There have been significant price increases recently on many streaming services. Now it also seems like YouTube Premium is getting more expensive.

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YouTube Premium is more expensive: these are the new prices

YouTube recently decided to ban ad blockers on the video site. This has made it nearly impossible to watch commercials without YouTube Premium.

Now YouTube has decided to make Premium more expensive in many countries. For example, YouTube Premium subscribers from Germany, Australia, and Poland, among other countries, received an email announcing the price increase. The new prices took effect there on November 1.

The email received by YouTube Premium subscribers stated that the company “is not making this decision lightly.” And they will continue to improve Premium and support YouTube creators.

In Germany, prices rose by one euro from 12 euros to 13 euros. The family subscription has become much more expensive. There the price ranges from €18 to €24 per month.

In Australia, the price increase was greater. There prices range from AU$12 per month to AU$17. Family subscription prices in Australia will range from 23 to 33 Australian dollars.

YouTube Premium prices increase in Netherlands?

It is not yet known whether the price increase will also come to the Netherlands. Here too YouTube Premium costs €12 per month. So, if we get a price increase (and YouTube Premium also becomes more expensive in the Netherlands), it will probably be the same as in Germany.

YouTube Premium: These are the benefits

YouTube’s subscription service consists of a number of parts. The most important thing is that you can watch YouTube without ads. You also get some additional features in the YouTube app.

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You can also access YouTube Music. This music service is an alternative to Spotify and Apple Music. It’s similar to other music services: you can listen to all the music from your favorite artists unlimitedly and without commercials, even in the background.

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