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1 in 3 Belgians do not know which regulations must be adhered to for fire safety: How important are smoke detectors?  What about maintenance?  |  My guide

1 in 3 Belgians do not know which regulations must be adhered to for fire safety: How important are smoke detectors? What about maintenance? | My guide

LiviusSince the beginning of 2020, it has been mandatory in Belgium to install the necessary smoke detectors at home. However, only 87% of Belgians have at least one smoke detector in their homes. Furthermore, we don’t always know if our smoke detectors are working properly. Livios construction site Explains measures you can use to keep it safe.

Have you installed the required smoke detectors in the home? So you and your family are immediately better protected from the consequences of a house fire. But of course smoke detectors must work properly. Not all units are installed correctly and some do not receive the maintenance they need. What exactly do you need to do for maintenance? Remove dust from your smoke detector, perform an audio test and check if the batteries are still working. Don’t forget to replace smoke detectors after ten years.

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Comprehensive maintenance is of vital importance

Despite the importance of such correct maintenance, 30 percent of Belgians do not know what regulations they must adhere to for their safety. This is evidenced by a study conducted by smart home manufacturer Netatmo. Moreover, not everyone who knows the rules follows them. For example, 46% of Belgians say they don’t dust their smoke detectors, 38% say they don’t perform the recommended noise test, and barely 28% regularly check if the batteries are still working. In addition, a third of respondents were unsure if their smoke detectors were less than ten years old.

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“However, most of the 10,000 annual house fires in Belgium could be avoided if residents received timely warning and were still able to respond,” says Christelle Manach, Netatmo Product Manager. “A properly working smoke detector is therefore an essential tool to optimally protect yourself, your home and your family.”

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Choose the appropriate location

Not only does the installation and maintenance of your smoke detectors affect the fire safety of your home. Where you install them is also vital. According to Netatmo research, most smoke detectors are located in the entrance hall or hallway (52 percent), stairwell (42 percent), or living room (39 percent). However, 31% of respondents also installed a smoke detector in the kitchen, which is not recommended.

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“If you want optimal protection, install a smoke detector on the ceiling in the middle of the room,” says Christelle Manach. “But to prevent false alarms, it’s best to avoid areas where smoke or steam is sometimes produced, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Furthermore, it’s in your own best interest to install a smoke detector on every floor and even in several larger rooms. Prefer to do this in a free space, such as a hallway Or the entrance hall. For better protection, you can choose a smart smoke detector. It regularly performs checks itself, sends a notification to your smartphone when the battery is almost empty and reminds you to perform a sound test.

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Since 2021, it has become very important to have smoke detectors in place. You risk your home being declared unsuitable if your home or apartment does not have the necessary working smoke detectors. Especially if you are renting or renting, this is an additional factor to consider.

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