December 1, 2023

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Hans Vanaken takes Club Brugge’s crisis towards Antwerp with a late winning goal in the summit match  Jupiler Professional League 2023/2024

Hans Vanaken takes Club Brugge’s crisis towards Antwerp with a late winning goal in the summit match Jupiler Professional League 2023/2024

  1. 15′ – Yellow – Al-Hassan Youssef
  2. 35′ – Yellow – Casper Nielsen
  3. 38′ – Yellow – Brandon Michel
  4. 45′ – Goal – Ferran Gutgla (1 – 0)
  1. 62′ – Continue. Ferran Gutgla by Igor Thiago
  2. 63′ – Continue. Philip Zinkernagel by Antonio Nosa
  3. 63′ – Continue. Jelly Patai from Kobe Corpani
  4. 69′ – Yellow – Andreas Skov Olsen
  5. 71′ – continued. Arbinur Moga by George Ilyinichina
  6. 72′ – Goal – George Ilyinichina (1 – 1)
  7. 79′ – Continue. Björn Meijer by Maxime de Kuiper
  8. 79′ – Continue. Casper Nielsen by Hugo Vetelsen
  9. 85′ – Continue. Richie De Laat by Zeno van den Bosch
  10. 90′ – Goal – Hans Vanaken (2 – 1)
  11. 90+2′ – Continue. Andreas Skov Olsen by Joel Ordonez
  12. 90+3′ – Yellow – Maxime de Cuyper

Jupiler Pro League – Round 12 – 10/29/23 – 13:30

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Ferran Gutgla


Ferran Gutgla

1 – 0


George Ilyinichina

1 – 1

George Ilyinichina



Hans Vanaken


Hans Vanaken

2 – 1

A goal whose importance cannot be underestimated. Hans Vanaken dissipated the atmosphere of crisis in Club Brugge and pushed it towards Antwerp. Captain Jan Breidel exploded with a late winner. Before that, the derby had been a major disappointment and the tie looked set to be drawn, with substitute George canceling out a world-class goal scored by Jutgla. When will Mark van Bommel return to life in the great era?

Club Brugge – Antwerp in brief:

  • Key moment: As happened in the first half, Club Brugge fired mercilessly in the second half. After a nice chest check for Nosa’s cross, Thiago puts the ball ready for Vanakken and gives the home team the full spoils at the last minute.
  • Man of the match: Hans Vanaken has once again proven his worth for Club Brugge. The loyal leader made the difference with the winning goal in the final stage, thus removing the atmosphere of crisis from the Jan Breidel Stadium with one stroke.
  • distinct: The best goal of this big match was undoubtedly Ferran Gutgla’s opener. The Catalan applied for Goal of the Year with an impressive technical feat. So his replacement in the watch was surprising. Not least among the club’s fans, who expressed their dissatisfaction by blowing whistles.

Jutgla provides a rare moment of beauty

There was a lot of pressure on both teams in this big match and it had a paralyzing effect. The fear of losing seemed greater than the will to win, which led to a hellish first half.

Just half an hour later, Gutgla put the first ball between the posts, and Jan Botez had little difficulty dealing with it. Antwerp did not advance further than an innocuous long shot from Eckelenkamp that was deflected off Balikwesha.

The ugliness was made up for at the end of the first half with a wonderfully brilliant goal scored by Ferran Gutgla after a long throw-in from Buchanan. With his back to goal and surrounded by Antwerp players, the Catalan held the ball three times and then scored with the outside of his foot. What a goal.

Vanaken leaves Antwerp defeated

As weak as the first half started, the second half started quickly. Botez had to react immediately to Zinkernagel’s shot, while Moja tested Mignolet. An hour later, Patai was able to score after a pass from Eckelenkamp, ​​but the equalizer was disallowed for offside.

The equalizing goal came twenty minutes before the end. Corbani outmaneuvered Meier in defense and just 27 seconds after he came on, George Ilyinichina scored. Suddenly it was all possible to do it again at the Jan Breidel Stadium.

Antwerp did not accept the points split. From a well-taken corner kick from Palicuesha, Alderweireld Mignolet made a brilliant save. Club Brugge survived and were beaten mercilessly deep into the final stage. Thiago set the ball ready for Hans Vanaken and sent the club’s fans into ecstasy with a powerful strike.

Vanaken restored Club Brugge’s lead in the 90th minute.

Jutgla: “I did it based on intuition”

Ferran Gutgla scored a stunning goal shortly before half-time. “When I had the ball, I wanted to shoot the ball directly, but the defenders made it difficult for me. I looked for space and did it based on instinct.”

“A goal like this naturally gives me confidence. I worked hard for a month after my injury. This motivates me to continue working in the same way. The coach gave me a lot of confidence from the beginning. Even when I was injured, he talked to me a lot. He knows what I can do and believes in me. “I’m grateful for that.”

Completing the full match is not yet possible for the Spanish striker. “I’ve been out for seven months and I’m starting to feel good now. But I still need time. How I feel in training, along with the coach’s decision, will determine how long I can play. I can definitely play with Thiago. The coach knows that too “

  1. Second half, 97th minute, the match is over
  2. The second half, minute 97, is over. After five league games without a win, Club Brugge knows what it means to win again. Thanks to a late goal from Vanaken, they kept the points at home to Antwerp. The national champions appeared to be on their way to a certain point when Ilinykhina scored barely half a minute after coming on as a substitute, but the sting was on the visitors’ tail. .
  3. Yellow card for Club Brugge’s Maxime De Cuyper in the second half in the 93rd minute
  4. Second half, minute 93. Yellow card for De Kuiper. De Cuyper makes another obvious mistake in pulling Van Den Bosch. He will receive a yellow card. .
  5. Second half, minute 92. Substitution for Club Brugge, Joel Ordonez comes on, Andreas Skov Olsen comes off.
  6. There is no infiltration. VAR checked to see if there was any offside. This is not the case, the club is on its way to a three-pointer. . Second half, minute 91.
  7. Second half, minute 90.
  8. A goal in the second half in the 90th minute by Hans Vanaken, Club Brugge player. 2, 1.
  9. Second half, minute 89. Vanakin gives Klopp the full spoils! Klopp hits mercilessly at the end, just as he did in the first half. After a lovely chest check on Nosa’s cross, Thiago hands the ball back to Vanaken and he fires it over in the blink of an eye. .
  10. Second half, minute 85. Substitution for Antwerp, Zino van den Bosch comes on, Ritchie De Laet comes on.
  11. Second half, minute 85. Skov Olsen’s shot is wide of the goal. The club is also dangerous. Nosa prepares the ball for Skov Olsen. He has time and space at the half moon, but breaks his shot. .
  12. Second half, minute 84.
  13. Mignolet maintains Alderweireld’s 1-2 lead! Klopp was not harmed by a perfect corner kick from Palicuesha. Alderweireld is able to head home the first post and force Mignolet into an excellent save. . Second half, minute 83.
  14. Second half, minute 81. De Laet keeps Antwerp upright in the face of an excellent attack from the home team. Nosa puts the ball in front of goal well, but De Laet is able to deny Vanakken a clear chance. He heads the ball into the corner in front of him. .
  15. Second half, minute 79. Substitution for Club Brugge, Hugo Vettelsen comes on, Kasper Nielsen comes off.
  16. Second half, minute 79. Substitution for Club Brugge, Maxime De Cuyper comes on, Bjorn Meyer comes off.
  17. Second half, minute 78. Double substitution. Vetlesen and De Cuyper could complete the final stretch at the club. Nielsen and Meijer are taken to the side. .
  18. Second half, minute 77. Ekelenkamp gets some space inside the penalty area and looks for the far corner with a volley, but his attempt goes wide of the goal. Antwerp now seems to be looking for more, and the visitors have gained confidence. .
  19. Second half, minute 76. The last quarter has begun. Will the two teams settle on dividing the points, or is there an acceleration coming? .
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