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10,000 New Homes in Zwolle, But Where?

10,000 New Homes in Zwolle, But Where?

Zwolle – An additional 10,000 homes will be built in the next 10 years. This came in the revised environmental vision discussed by the city council on Monday evening. Those 10,000 are much less than the 25,000 mentioned earlier. However, this large number has faced a great deal of criticism in the last period. In particular, people did not like high-rise apartment complexes higher than Peperbus. But the question also arises as to whether we should grow so quickly as a city. The college adjusted the number accordingly. So there are much fewer homes, but the question remains where these homes should be. One wants a new residential area Vechtpoort behind Berkum, and the other is thinking more about flooding the city.

the limits of the possible

Jan Slijkhuis of PvdA is not in favor of maximizing growth in downtown Zwolle, especially when you think about climate adaptation. There should be equity for home seekers, but within the limits of what is possible,” said the chancellor. According to the party, the taller vision is getting stronger: “There is now a better documented story that sees tall buildings as a means and provides clear criteria for evaluating building initiatives in different parts of the city. It is not a license to automatically approve blueprints for tall buildings where possible in accordance with the environmental vision. It should remain This is a qualitative consideration.”

Tall buildings in Zwolle a good idea?

CDA Zwolle doesn’t think tall buildings are a good idea. “Homes have to fit in with the environment. We’re thinking about using the space more efficiently. A supermarket doesn’t have to have windows and it can be underground, while you can install greenery or solar panels on top of it,” party leader Jan Napiers said. D66 Otherwise: “Tall-rise construction ensures that we do not have to sacrifice our green urban margins for housing.” Sonya Bao, Group Chair, Executive Board calls for an extra effort into nature in an environmental vision. Swollwacht in favor of tall buildings: “We see tall buildings as essential . 10,000 more homes by 2030 is a big task, but we think it’s possible. This means that we must build in height. Tall buildings provoke resistance and we understand that, but there is no doubt that tall buildings are higher than our purpos height,” says Councilman Silvia Brujnkamp.

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Expansion It is generally known that the housing shortage in Zwolle is serious. This is why the environmental vision pays great attention to housing. In the Environmental Vision, the council talks about building 6,000 homes before 2030 in existing neighborhoods; More homes will be built on the same total surface, and therefore more people. The city will then be used extensively. More residents are also putting more pressure on all facilities in Zwolle, which is why Environmental Vision places great importance on accessibility, creating green spaces, mobility and maintaining quality of life in central Zwolle.

The mismatch between supply and demand

Lennart Hartmann of GroenLinks Zwolle is satisfied with the environmental vision: “City quality has become the starting point for the environmental vision, and we are happy with that. We are in favor of building within city limits to protect the countryside and strengthen post-war neighborhoods,” says Hartmann. Napiers questions GroenLinks’ argument. Alice Is he a dead bird? What are you really going to do now to contribute to all those people who think I want a home and can’t have a home.” GroenLinks continues to be of the opinion that construction should not take place in the countryside: “We want to think hard about how we can improve existing construction in our city. There is currently a huge mismatch between supply and demand. The infrastructure is already there, so we don’t have to dig into new horizons.” Napers answers: “Actually you’re saying to all Zwolle residents who are now looking for a home and want to own a home with a garden; forget it, but you don’t have to be on GroenLinks for that.”

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Watching the news

Alderman Ed Anker (ChristenUnie) thinks it wise to take current events into account: “At a certain point we put an end to the politics we have now.” Time is too complicated to not do an update in two years. According to the environmental vision, 10,000 homes will be distributed over different areas in Zwolle. “I still see room for another step beyond 10,000. I don’t see yet that the limit is 10,000,” says the local councilman.

Building in Fishport

In addition to high-rise buildings, the construction of a new residential area on the outskirts of the city is also an option. No area has been identified for this purpose in the Environmental Vision. For years there has been talk of a Vechtpoort site, a plot of land next to Berkum where 2,000 homes could be built. The environmental vision does not exclude the possibilities of construction there, and the document does not confirm them yet.

PvdA wonders about these plans: “There is really no room in Zwolle for urbanization in Vechtpoort of nearly 2,000 homes, unless we want to significantly impact the green and blue qualities. How realistic are all the major growth scenarios currently being considered?”, as Slikhois says. D66 would like to do a 10-hectare search in Kop van Voorst for housing and other jobs. “If we can build there, we can leave the fringes of the city that Zwolle residents cherish alone for the time being. Then we don’t have to assign an exposition site yet,” suggests Sonja Pauw of D66.

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VVD is not necessarily against building in the urban fringes, because many homes are needed: “If Zwolle is to maintain this quality, we have to build homes in the coming years. Heating in the housing market has increased dramatically in recent years. We are in seventh place globally. National is among the municipalities where housing pressure is highest. We live with 17 million people in this country, maybe we should start to take back the areas. It’s a national issue, says Shelto Boss. “Issues that arose in the world,” he later denied. It got more complicated. This city can only thrive if we do it in good harmony with the region. I don’t think anyone here said everything to my dress, everything belongs to Zvul.”

What is the environmental vision? An environmental vision presents a vision for the future, in other words a long-term vision. Environmental visibility affects your living environment; Zwolle city. The municipality is obligated to develop such a vision. Zwolle’s environmental vision is a vision of the future that shows the municipality what the municipality could look like in ten years. This vision was compiled on the basis of, among other things, council discussions, the Tour de Zwolle and personal conversations with the residents of Zwolle. It is the vision of the future in which the municipality wants to show what the physical living environment could look like in ten years, i.e. 2030. It is now up to the municipal council to decide if it wants to adopt this vision and agree on the answers to the views and the environmental impact report.