December 5, 2023

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9 top stories from last week

9 top stories from last week

1. One in two Belgians regularly feel “sad” or “hopeless”: “As a psychiatrist, I am more surprised by the full stands.”

Belgians regularly feel very sad and stressed, which affects their daily lives. This became clear this week on World Mental Health Day with a study of mental health in 31 countries conducted by polling agency Ipsos.

“Psychological problems are normal,” says clinical psychology professor Patrick Luyten (University of Leuven). “It is abnormal to never suffer from serious stress or psychological problems. A day like World Mental Health Day normalizes this.”

Read the interview here.

Illustrative image.Photo by Benny Brut

2. “Hans Rieder claims the judge has something against him”: Why the trial against S.H.I.E.L.D. and Friends was postponed again

The trial of seven members of the “Schild & Friends” organization has been postponed again. Hans Rieder, Dries van Langenhove’s lawyer, wants to challenge the three judges. What should happen next? When will the matter actually reach trial? We call justice journalist Bruno Strois. “Not a word has been said yet, and yet these judges are already being challenged.”

Read more here.

Bruno Strois talks about the trial of Dries van Langenhove and others.  Photo by Eva Piusart/Photo News

Bruno Strois talks about the trial of Dries van Langenhove and others.Photo by Eva Piusart/Photo News

3. “You’re a bitch, you”: Nicholas Caires’s sexually explicit letters to young teens

Influencer Nicholas Caires (31) is suspected of sexual crimes against minors. In the case filed this week before the Criminal Court, two injured parties were named. But three men told us the morning That Caires also sought sexual contact with them when they were between 13 and 15 years old.

“As a teenager, you don’t realize how vulnerable you are to adult men’s abuse. I myself had just come out of the period in which I lived Galaxy Park “Look,” says Jonas* (21). He was in second grade when Caires contacted him on social media.

Read more about it.

Screenshot of a conversation with Nicholas Caires.  Picture of an RV

Screenshot of a conversation with Nicholas Caires.Picture of an RV

4. ‘First, it’s ten times more embarrassing. But it turned out to be something unique: our journalist participated in a women’s circle

A new phenomenon on social media: women’s circles. Gathering with other women to celebrate and connect with your femininity. What are the advantages? Or risks?

“The women’s circle in and of itself will not be a solution to some psychological problems. Any health claim made by a trainer could be considered suspicious. It is important to critically research information about the women’s circle you are interested in.

Read more about it here.

After the exercises, participants are asked to write down their experience and thinking about it.  Photo by Tiny Shoemaker

After the exercises, participants are asked to write down their experience and thinking about it.Photo by Tiny Shoemaker

5. Vivaldi makes purchasing a heat pump less expensive. Unfortunately, the problem appears to be elsewhere

According to environmentalists, there is a clear green line in the new budget agreement. Is this correct? The environmentally friendly movement sees a dotted line at most. “What is included in the agreement is disappointing. In any case, we believe that many things are missing. The €2 billion support for fuel cards and salary cars remains elusive. Social corrective measures such as a tax on frequent travelers are missing.

Read more here.

Air to air heat pump.  Photo ID/Fred DeBrock

Air to air heat pump.Photo ID/Fred DeBrock

6. In Gaza, Israel looks more like Goliath than David, and this does not bode well

Everything indicates that the Israeli army wants to invade Gaza to fight Hamas. The country mobilized 100,000 soldiers to invade the Palestinian coastal strip. But despite this enormous military superiority, experts say that a ground attack will be difficult for the Israeli army.

“It’s not just about Hamas and Israel,” says Middle East expert Muntaser Al-Daim (KU Leuven/UGent). “If Israel enters Gaza, other Palestinian militias as well as ordinary citizens will help Hamas. The Israeli army has the latest military technology. But weapons alone do not decide the battle.”

Read the full analysis here.

Israeli forces gathered on the Gaza border on Wednesday.  Photo by Agence France-Presse

Israeli forces gathered on the Gaza border on Wednesday.Photo by Agence France-Presse

7. “Feeling depressed for a while is tolerable, but it’s different once you’ve gone through the first year.”

Will I continue to experience recurring feelings of depression throughout my life? Journalist and expert Deborah Simoes searches for answers in conversations with witnesses and experts. “I thought for a long time that things were not going to work out.”

Read Deborah Simoes’ article here.

Journalist Deborah Simoes.  Photo by Damon De Backer/Lorenzo Matteucci

Journalist Deborah Simoes.Photo by Damon De Backer/Lorenzo Matteucci

8. Testimony of a trans girl in ’90s Teen’ sparks uproar: “Representation is very important”

in 90s for teens 11-year-old Stanis recounts that she was born in a boy’s body. It is an explicit certification that is mentioned while going through the program and that is exactly what makes it so valuable. “If you know there are others, you can count on that,” says author and trans man Samuel D. Schipper.

“There is still a lot of ignorance, and it is very brave to dare to say something like this. The fact that it is presented in such a casual way also ensures that it will never become strange.”

Read more here.

Stanis with her brother, Warri.  VRT Image - Damon De Backer

Stanis with her brother, Warri.VRT Image – Damon De Backer

9. “Heating Your Home to 60 Degrees: You Can’t Do It with a Radiator”: What’s the Best Way to Control Advanced Bed Bugs?

After New York, Paris and London, Antwerp also began to worry about the appearance of bedbugs. Is it only a matter of time before pests spread everywhere? Because even though they have become very popular recently, they seem to have been around for a very long time.

“To get rid of it completely, you really need to seek professional help. As a private individual, you don’t have access to the products you need. This isn’t possible with home, garden and kitchen products. Exterminators will first steam everything, including “In that panel, because you can kill the animals with pesticides, but not the eggs.”

Read the interview here.

Entomologist Peter Birks.  Image by Peter Jan Vanstockstraeten/Shutterstock

Entomologist Peter Birks.Image by Peter Jan Vanstockstraeten/Shutterstock

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