December 5, 2023

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A chic, hotel-chic bedroom for Daphne and Jeroen

A chic, hotel-chic bedroom for Daphne and Jeroen

Daphne and Jeroen live in a beautiful semi-detached house in the attractive area of ​​Rjuvik and they are very happy with it. They’ve decorated their home with a lot of love and attention, but there’s one room that deserves some extra attention: their bedroom. They found the current furnishings to be white and a bit sterile, which didn’t quite fit with their love of color and comfort. Their desires are clear: the new bedroom should be bathed in dark tones and Delft blue, and the curtains should let in no sunlight at all due to Jeroen’s migraines. The old chairs that now serve as bedside tables may give way to something more elegant and finally dream of a chic hotel look that enhances the feeling of comfort and warmth in the bedroom.

the plan

According to interior designer Roy Sen, blue is a calm and harmonious color. Perfect for the bedroom. That’s why he decided to paint all four walls of the room a muted shade of blue, using a modern color-blocking technique. Meanwhile, Patrick neatly hides all the annoying cables in a homemade headboard, using handy wall boxes. The headboard will also function as a bedside table and will feature LED lighting!

Since the base of the room was made quite dark by the blue walls, Roy left elements such as the closet and the ceiling white. This not only provides freshness, but also provides great contrast. To reduce this contrast a little, choose natural colors in the design of bedding and stitching. This softens the room and creates more comfort! Daphne’s grandmother’s old wooden dresser also returns beautifully, with a lovely desk lamp on top to make the room a little brighter. Finally, a comfortable seating area was created containing a beautiful armchair, rug and side table!

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Curious about the end result? Watch the full change below:

and again before And after At a glance: This is what the bedroom looked like before the house was transformed…

And this is the cozy and cozy bedroom after the transformation!