December 8, 2023

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A direct road trip for the ladies.  Will Lotte Kopecky get a third gold medal?  |  sports

A direct road trip for the ladies. Will Lotte Kopecky get a third gold medal? | sports

4:36 p.m

Kopecky: “The road racing world championship is a seasonal goal”

The common thread in Lotte Kopecky’s World Cup is the metaphorical red flag on her helmet. She also expected to be targeted during a road race. “I took that into account and resolved not to get frustrated if they rode my wheel. If they rode my wheel, it means I’m leading in front and therefore doing well. It’s also such a tough track that it wouldn’t be easier for the riders at the wheel…”

Kopecky is the front runner, but he’s not the only contender. “I am mainly looking at Demi Vollering and Lian Lippert and I am also curious as to what Degier can do on this course. It seems to me that the strongest country is Italy, and they have many fast riders, who can finish that if needed… I wonder what Other nations will do it. If they open the course quickly, just as with men, it will not be to my disadvantage. For me it can be an uphill course. Although I think it will stop more often than with men.” .

Kopecky © BELGA

Kopecky has already won two golds and a bronze on the track this week. A person will be content with less. None of that with the leader of Belgium. “I’m still fresh and the hunger is still very strong: the track is close to my heart, but this road race is very much appreciated. For me, it’s the most important race of the year… Supposing I don’t win on Sunday, I’d like to redeem those three other medals.” In a rainbow shirt, though that’s not a line of thought in my head.”

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Kopecky isn’t the only contender for success with the ladies. Julie de Wilde is also a World Reserves Champion candidate. “If the price situation allows, we certainly shouldn’t forget it. I also have no problem doing something for Julie,” said Kopecky.

De Wilde thinks a little differently: “I am here with only one goal, which is to try to win the world title with Lotte among the elite. My result does not matter. Lotte also has the greatest chance of winning.”

Kopecky. © Photo News