June 20, 2024

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A hole has been made in the south side and the village wants to tackle it safely

A hole has been made in the south side and the village wants to tackle it safely

Emergency services were busy at this little T-junction in the evening and at night. At night, the Spanish truck that was headed to the party was pulled away, out of sight of passersby. The victims have just been recovered. On Sunday afternoon, around noon, there were only mud trails left.

Huge emergency services have disappeared from the village of Zuidzijde, and the black-clothed fences that were supposed to keep passers-by away have been removed. The next day at the bottom of the dam, those involved and relatives come and go. There is a hug, comfort, nod and talk. Not that there are answers, there are basically questions. Lots of questions.

How can this happen?

In this place on the water, after six o’clock on Saturday evening, a truck suddenly landed. It happened at the place where the local ice club was having a barbecue, at the bottom of the intersection. Eyewitnesses stated that the truck, which was not carrying any cargo, had pulled the party-goers.

Three men and three women between the ages of 28 and 75 did not survive the accident. In addition, seven wounded people, including children, were taken to hospital, one of them seriously. Police have arrested the 46-year-old Spanish truck driver on suspicion of causing a fatal accident and causing serious bodily harm.

“Hocksch-Ward is in great mourning,” Hogsch Ward Mayor Charlie Ebrot said in visibly moved during a news conference Sunday night. “Comfortable roast ended in a big drama. It hits a lot of people, including me, hard.” The Public Prosecution Office calls the day a “black hole.” Prime Minister Mark Rutte spoke of “horrific news” earlier Sunday and sympathized with the victims and relatives. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima expressed About their shock in a letter.

Three of the same family died

Three of the dead are from the same family. A mother, her son and her pregnant daughter-in-law. This ad arrives at home in this village, where everyone knows each other. In Zuidzijde, those involved stared in shock on Sunday afternoon, as the number of journalists on the dam steadily increased. Most of them do not speak to the press.

Passers-by and residents of nearby villages also congregate on this embankment, as do cyclists who took their Sunday Tour to see this place. Among them is the question: How does this happen? In Hoeksche Waard, a rural area full of villages and small centers like Zuidzijde, nothing really happens. It makes the shock even bigger.

Mayor Charlie Abbott spoke to the media at the scene as a truck drove off a bridge at a barbecue Saturday night.Ari Kefit Statue

first flower layers

Right on Sunday afternoon, the first layer of flower will appear, after which more will follow at a slow pace. Flowers are hardly on sale on Hoeksche Waard, where Sunday rest is still largely sacred. So there is no question of a sea of ​​flowers yet. But this will undoubtedly follow later, when the meeting with the inhabitants is over. So decided, the acting mayor of Aptroot will report to the press.

He wants to inform residents and listen to their feelings. He also politely asks if the press wants to leave, to give participants the space. He has received signals that the villagers do not like the presence of a lot of media. He is glad the press is giving the village space to tackle this drama. “The scale of what happened is becoming increasingly clear,” said the mayor, in a low voice.

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