September 27, 2023

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A Hollywood Mystery: The Musician Who Wrote Katy Perry’s Songs for Weeks Without a Trace |  showbiz

A Hollywood Mystery: The Musician Who Wrote Katy Perry’s Songs for Weeks Without a Trace | showbiz

showbizAmerican musician Camila Leirth Segura (48 years old), known for her collaborations with Katy Perry, has disappeared without a trace for weeks. Various media write that based on information from California Department of Justice. Friends and family of the artist are very worried about her fate.

Relatives of Leierth-Segura, who co-wrote Katy Perry’s hit Walking on Air, among other things, have been in sackcloth and ashes and have been searching for the musician for nearly seven weeks. According to them, no sign of her presence has reached her since June 29, and the signs are particularly troubling: Her car, a 2010 Ford Fusion, is gone, and her 19-year-old cat, Morris, is also missing.

The situation raises many questions. “I like to believe nothing bad happened. But do I think something serious happened? Yes,” her friend Cecilia tells KABC-TV in Los Angeles. Plus, there are more ominous signs: The musician’s homeowner says she’s been evicted from her home in Beverly Hills before her disappearance Neighbors also reported dead plants on her porch and a “for rent” sign outside.

Consult for assistance

Unrest is building to such an extent that the family of Laerth Segura (who lives in Sweden) is asking the public for help. Close friend Liz Montgomery shares a poignant cuteness on Instagram: “We are desperately searching for Camila. Last seen was in Beverly Hills. Time is of the essence, and her family in Sweden is begging for your help.”

To date, the Beverly Hills Police Department has not responded to questions regarding this case. Investigations are still ongoing.

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