December 8, 2023

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Reconciliation in the making?  “Princess Kate calls Prince Harry late at night” |  Kings

Reconciliation in the making? “Princess Kate calls Prince Harry late at night” | Kings

PropertyKate Middleton, 41, would like to mediate a reconciliation between Prince Harry, 38, and Prince William, 41. British magazine Closer reported that the princess had contacted Prince Harry to support him. It is said, “She feels so sorry for him.” But some royal journalists question this.

Before Prince Harry turned his back on the royal family, he always paid tribute to his sister-in-law Kate. But their relationship changed drastically after he moved to the United States. A rift occurred and communication between the two parties was cut off. but According to “Closer” magazine Despite this disagreement, Princess Kate wants to keep in touch with her brother-in-law.

Kate reached out to Harry to tell him to keep his head up and not worry so much about the current setbacks. “It’s hard for her to see him struggle like that and it affects her so deeply.”

The turbulent relationship between Harry and his brother William, as well as their father, King Charles, created visible tensions within the family. It is a very delicate and complex situation. William in particular has indicated that he is not yet ready to have a conversation or dialogue with Harry. But Kate hopes to keep communication open and pave the way for a future of long-term reconciliation within the family, including William.”


Spokespeople for William and Kate did not respond to requests for comment. But despite Closer’s claims, American royal journalist Kinsey Scofield — who creates a daily podcast about the British royal family — shared a contradictory story: “My contacts at Kensington Palace (William and Kate Court, ed.) told me this story is not correct.”

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“Princesses don’t make late-night phone calls to Prince Harry. Kate respects Prince William’s feelings a great deal and won’t take any action behind his back.” The idea that she would crawl out of bed to make phone calls is just ridiculous. William and Kate no longer receive updates on Harry and Meghan, so Kate is unaware of any problems Harry is having. The Princess and Prince William deliberately chose to distance themselves. They are fully focused on their goals for 2023 and are not distracted by the drama.”

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