January 28, 2023

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A large-scale sexual assault investigation has begun...

A large-scale sexual assault investigation has begun…

UK Health Minister Sajid Javid © AFP

An independent investigation is underway to explain how an electrician spent years sexually assaulting the dead in the morgues of several British hospitals. Health Minister Sajid Javid made the announcement on Monday.

evdgSource: Belgian

David Fuller, 67, pleaded guilty Thursday to the murders of two female patients in 1987. He also admitted to sexually assaulting 44 bodies in mortuaries.

According to the Ministry of Health, the number of victims is even higher. It was said that in twelve years he assaulted at least a hundred corpses, of which 81 were already recognizable.

Fuller pleaded guilty

Fuller pleaded guilty © AFP

Millions of photos and videos

Fuller has worked in several hospitals since 1989. He has been working in a hospital in Pembury, Kent, since September 2011. The abuse continued there until he was arrested.

Fuller says he filmed nearly all of the abuse. Millions of photos and videos of abuse were found between 2008 and 2020 in his home.

Minister Javid apologized in Parliament on Monday to “the friends and relatives of all the victims”. But he admitted that he could not eliminate “pain and suffering” by doing so. “It is our duty to investigate in detail what happened to ensure it does not happen again,” he said.

Among other things, the independent commission of inquiry must explain “how these abuses could not have been discovered in the past”.

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