May 21, 2024

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A new photo of Princess Charlene worries followers: "Are you heading in the right direction?"  |  Property

A new photo of Princess Charlene worries followers: “Are you heading in the right direction?” | Property

Property“what is wrong with you?” , “You really don’t look healthy” and “Why do you look so sad?” These are just some of the shocking reactions to the new photo published by Princess Charlene (43) of Monaco yesterday. Since it became known that Prince Albert’s wife, 63, had been staying in South Africa for months – where she contracted an infection and had to go under the knife several times – her status has raised many questions among fans of the royal family.

It’s starting to look like a phenomenon: every time Princess Charlene of Monaco shares a photo, it’s showered with questions and comments about her appearance and health. And it was no different on Sunday, when Charlene shared a new photo of her with Misuzulu kaZwelithini, the current president of Zulus, The royal family in South Africa. Charlene captioned the photo, followed by a heart: “Thank you for your kindness and support.” After that there was an instant flow of messages and reactions involved.

Hundreds of fans wrote their pens wishing her a speedy recovery, although there were many questions about her conditions. “what is wrong with you?” Someone asked Charlene in the comments. Or also: “Is everything going right for you?” , “She really doesn’t look healthy, look at her arms!” and “You’ve lost a lot of weight! Sorry, but I can’t say you look good.” Her “sad appearance” was also the subject of discussion: “Why does she look so sad?” Someone asks, as well: “She looks sad again, what a tired look!” , “I hope you get your strength back soon!” and “Bring it back to Monaco now!”

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When will you be back?

Charlene has been in South Africa since May, where she is still recovering from her surgeries. She had flown home for a short business trip, but contracted a serious infection shortly after arriving. So her doctors advised her not to fly. When the wife of Prince Albert will return to Monaco, the palace has not yet been able to say. “But now she is in a better situation,” Prince Albert replied to his permanent absence at the beginning of this month. “She did not have an easy period, because she had many problems at the same time. But soon she will join us again.” Prince Albert and their two children, Jack and Gabriella, have visited the Princess twice since May in the African country.

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