November 30, 2023

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A new thread in the Emile case (2)?  A potential suspect with an “interesting” profile has been identified  outside

A new thread in the Emile case (2)? A potential suspect with an “interesting” profile has been identified outside

More than three months after the disappearance of little French boy Emile (2), there may be new leads. According to Le Parisien newspaper, gendarmes are searching a house in the Haute-Vernet region. The man living there is already known to the court and is said to have an “interesting” profile for investigation.


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10-17-23, 19:53

Le Parisien, Midi Libre, BFMTV

After a period of relative peace, the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of little Emile is back in full swing. Since the little boy’s disappearance on July 8 in the village of Hautes Vernets (Alpes-de-Hautes-Provence), there appears to have been no concrete trace at all. But that may have changed now.

look. Emile has been missing in Haute-Vernet since July 8

Le Parisien newspaper reported that gendarmes have been searching a house in the area since Tuesday. It appears that the resident of the house has an “important” file for investigation, following witness statements in which he was identified as a possible suspect.

The house searched on Tuesday is located in the village of Rosimal, five kilometers from Le Vernet, BFMTV reported.

The man is known to the court for minor offenses, and according to a source close to the investigation, he will be “talked about” because he is not in his rightful place in the village. Le Parisien newspaper wrote that the police had not yet detained him. Jean-Luc Blachon, Aix-en-Provence prosecutor, confirmed the operation and referred to “further investigations underway or already completed.”

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Unlike Le Parisien, BFMTV reported that these investigations were planned and were not necessarily the result of the discovery of new information.

Investigators are not ruling out any leads at this time. However, as time passed, they began to seriously consider the possibility of someone else being involved. After Emil’s grandmother raised the alarm on July 8, several searches were conducted in the area, but no body was found.

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