July 16, 2024

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A sturdy handbag is supermodel Hailey Bieber’s style secret.  From 30 euros you can follow suit |  Nina

A sturdy handbag is supermodel Hailey Bieber’s style secret. From 30 euros you can follow suit | Nina

The secret behind the strong appearance of model and girl Hailey Bieber? She always swears by a sturdy handbag. Whether she appears in casual clothes or wears the most beautiful party dresses. Thanks to these 15 handbags, you can also apply the American style icon’s success formulas.

1. Choose a bag that stands out in its own right, like the XL puffer bag

Forget the old saying “clothes make the man”. The secret to a successful look often lies in the accessories you choose. Hailey Bieber knows that a strong handbag makes a strong statement. Just like the American style icon, choose black: good for you Instant punch. Fortunately, you don’t need a superstar budget for these five hats.

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1. Corato by Luca BaldiAnd now 95.60 euros instead of 239 euros.
2. Clutch from Cheval FlorenceAnd now 143.40 euros instead of 239 euros.
3. Posy by Mia TomazziNow €79.80 instead of €399.
4. Handbag from Copenhagen StudiosAnd now 31.95 euros instead of 79.95 euros.
5. Bag from Liu JoAnd now 134.10 instead of 149 euros.

2. Choose a stronger color

From lipstick to coats: fifty shades of brown are dominating the fashion scene this season. Finishing off your brown look with a matching bag is the logical choice. But Hailey Bieber proves things can be better. The combination of brown and deep red is a real hit. Five shoulder bags add extra flair to your latte look.

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1. Malero by Lea PiasoniAnd now 101.70 euros instead of 339 euros.
2. Cecilia by Anna MoreliniNow €89.70 instead of €299.
3. Vanessa Bruno shoulder bag345 euros.
4. Steve Madden shoulder bagnow €62.99 instead of €89.99.
5. Bag from Kazar83.50 euros.

3. Choose a small bracelet-shaped bag

It doesn’t always have to be muted colors. This cheerful shade handbag will instantly brighten up your outfit. Wear it like Hailey as a contrasting accessory, or coordinate your handbag elegantly with your outfit. These five bags will turn heads.

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