December 5, 2023

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A unique festive atmosphere at My Baby on Saturday evening

A unique festive atmosphere at My Baby on Saturday evening

Organizing a Singelfestival can look forward to a successful weekend. The weekend attracted very few visitors on Friday and started a little late on Saturday afternoon. But eventually it became pleasantly busy in the afternoon. On Saturday evening, 800 visitors experienced a unique festive atmosphere, with the rousing trance music of My Baby the highlight of the festival. Core Kiss Photos

It will be a challenge for volunteers next year to attract enough of a crowd on Friday as well. In fact, research is all about adequate budget. Organizing a festival (on a small scale) requires a relatively large amount of money. Board member Gilly Glass sees visitors mainly choosing Saturday evenings. But there is also an exciting program on Friday every year.

The theater can be found mainly during the afternoon for children. By far the most relaxed part of the two-day family festival. In sunny conditions, hundreds of children and parents enjoyed a fun afternoon.

Ultimately, the organization looked back with relief Sunday evening. “A total of 140 volunteers helped again. The festival went on without incident. The dismantling and clean-up on Sunday went perfectly! Dozens of people took part in it as well.”

The fact that much less waste was found this year is a huge boost. “It took some getting used to buying hard plastic glass yourself. But it turned out very well. In other years, boxes full of plastic had to be removed, but this year things were much more relaxed. “Apart from some small waste, we got done quickly In this regard.”

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