December 1, 2022

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After McDonald's, Starbucks and Coca-Cola also withdrew from Russia |  Ukraine and Russia war

After McDonald’s, Starbucks and Coca-Cola also withdrew from Russia | Ukraine and Russia war

McDonald’s is temporarily closing all 850 of its restaurants in Russia. According to CEO Chris Kempinski, this was a tough decision. It seems that “the human suffering of the Ukrainians cannot be ignored”. In total, McDonald’s has about 62,000 employees in the country. The company will continue to pay them, it promises. Starbucks and the Coca-Cola Soft Drink Company are also no longer operating in Russia.

In recent days, many American companies have already announced that they will stop selling in Russia, but McDonald’s has been silent for a noticeably long time. Many messages spread on social networking sites asking the American company to leave Russia.

Yum Brands, the parent company of KFC, is boycotting Russia by ceasing to invest in expansions. It is difficult to force the closure of local fast food restaurants because they are run by independent franchisees.

Russia was just an important growth market for KFC. Besides China and India, the country was the market with the most new establishments. About a hundred new restaurants open in Kentucky Fried Chicken each year.


Starbucks has also stopped doing business in Russia. This means that the American coffee chain will no longer supply Starbucks products to 130 Russian stores of the brand, such as coffee beans or mugs with the famous logo.

Last week, CEO Kevin Johnson confirmed that about 2,000 people in Russia depend on Starbucks for their income, making a sudden departure from the country irresponsible. Now that the war in Ukraine has lasted for nearly two weeks, Johnson says he will suspend all activities in Russia. In a statement, Johnson promised that Starbucks’ license holder in Russia would support hundreds of people who are now unemployed.

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Starbucks in Russia makes money mainly from the licenses it sells to open and operate a subsidiary of the brand. Earlier, the company announced that it will donate all these proceeds to emergency aid in Ukraine. Starbucks has no branches in that country.

Coca Cola

Soft drinks giant Coca-Cola will no longer do business in Russia. American company Says he sympathizes With “the people who suffer the untold consequences of the tragic events in Ukraine.” It is not immediately clear what this means in concrete terms for the sale of Coca-Cola and brands such as Fanta in Russia.

PepsiCo has been told it will suspend all investments and promotions in Russia. “Now more than ever, as a food company, we need to stay true to the human side of our business,” an internal email read. “This means that we have a responsibility to continue offering our other products in Russia, including daily necessities such as milk and other dairy products, baby food and baby food.”

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