February 27, 2024

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After photos of alleged abuse: Anouk addresses Lil Klein's girlfriend

After photos of alleged abuse: Anouk addresses Lil Klein’s girlfriend

Anuk talks about the alleged abuse of Lil Klein. © Hollandse Hoogte / Anneke Janssen

After pictures surfaced on social media on Sunday evening in which Lil Klein, 27, was abusing his girlfriend Jamie Weiss, 32, singer Anouk is now turning to his girlfriend. “Reclaim your freedom after years of suffering psychological and physical abuse,” it seemed.

hard day† Jaimie, regain your freedom after years of suffering through psychological and physical abuse. Lil Klein, Computer Says: Nonsense Excuse To Avoid Trouble On 3, 2, 1… “The message on Instagram from Anuk is clear: She wouldn’t believe if Lil Klein came with an apology. The rapper came under fire again after CCTV pictures surfaced in the evening Sunday. Show how Lil Klein violently pulls his girlfriend Jimmy Weiss out of the car

It earlier became clear that Anuk and the rapper aren’t quite each other after they got into a brawl as coaches on The Voice. There was a disagreement between the two behind the scenes


And on Sunday evening, related photos circulated on Instagram, which would show Lil Klein brutalizing his fiancée. Informed sources confirmed to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf that the rapper was arrested on the same night on charges of assault. Although the police spokesman wanted to confirm on Sunday that a “27-year-old man has been arrested”, they did not want to make any statements about personal details to the newspaper Monday morning.

The rapper’s management indicated that they will be coming out with a statement later. His lawyer, Ninke Hogerforst, confirmed to De Telegraaf newspaper on Monday that he remains in custody.

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