December 8, 2022

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Anne van den Broeck's operation has been postponed: "I'll save your encouraging words until next week"

Anne van den Broeck’s operation has been postponed: “I’ll save your encouraging words until next week”

Actress Anne van den Broeck, 46, was supposed to undergo surgery Thursday as part of her cancer treatment, but it has been postponed. The Antwerp woman fell ill with a fever and was sent home. The process is pushed forward a week.

Van den Broek announced Wednesday that she will not be participating in the Winter Revue this year. “The training period is very heavy and it comes very early,” she said. The actress usually undergoes surgery on Thursday, in which a piece of tissue is removed. But this did not happen.

On Thursday morning, the artist reported to the UZA agency with a fever of more than 38 degrees, as she wrote on Instagram. So the operation was postponed for a week, but she still tested positive. “I’ll hold onto your words of encouragement until next Thursday! And now… Davalganky and a nap under a blanket.”

In August it was announced that Van den Broeck had been diagnosed with breast cancer. After the diagnosis, she was still on stage in the musical Mama Mia!But now she is resting. After the surgery, you will focus on her recovery. The actress also received positive news for her followers on Wednesday: She’s over the halfway point and the tumor is no longer visible on a recent MRI.

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