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Again such an epidemic. Anti-Chinese Plan, London-EU Tensions-Corriere.it

From our report Falmouth (Cornwall) There has never been an epidemic like Govt-19 again: this is the commitment made by Big Seven Cornwall, who signed the “Corbis Bay Declaration” yesterday from the summit venue. A project that will be its goal To reduce the production times of new vaccines to 100 days, Launching a global monitoring system for viruses and variants and supporting the strengthening of the World Health Organization.

These are all promises Donated one billion vaccines to poor countries, Of which 500 million came from the United States and 100 million from Great Britain. With the B Corbis Bay Declaration – underlined by Boris Johnson – the world’s major democracies seek to involve themselves Prevent recurrence of global epidemic, To ensure that the catastrophe caused by Govt-19 does not happen again. This is something to be proud of.

But this is a challenge that will be difficult to overcome without involving China, which dominates most of the summit. In fact West alternative to Silk Road, This is a plan approved by the US administration on the G7 to counter Beijing’s influence in the world.

China has invested trillions in major infrastructure projects in developing countries, especially in Africa and Asia, ports, railways, highways and more: but it Economic infiltration with political supremacy as its ultimate goal. That’s why Joe Biden wants to face it, differentiating it with the so-called “rebuild the world better” global investment plan and rebuilding the world better. However, Americans were very unclear about how the alternative plan would be funded and what the deadline would be: We know the 40 trillion gap needs to be filled by 2035.

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The United States demands that the final G7 report be included today Criticism of human rights abuses in China With regard to the use of forced labor, especially to the detriment of the Uyghur Muslim minority. Already earlier this year, Americans, Europeans, British and Canadians introduced sanctions against senior Chinese officials involved in Uyghur repression: however, in the G7 The Europeans insist that a “balanced” approach to Beijing prevail, Which takes into account the need to cooperate with China on major global challenges.

Yesterday’s summit was a meeting of bilateral meetings, including a meeting between Mario Drake and Piton. Participation extended to leaders of Australia, South Korea and South Africa (Indians on long distance connection): An extension of the G7 design was mainly preferred by the English, Wants to shift its center of gravity to the Indo-Pacific and transform it into a kind of “democracy”, but this does not provoke much excitement among Europeans, especially on the Italian side.

However, there was a common thread on both sides Problems with Brexit, I.e. the question of Northern Ireland. The Europeans ordered Johnson to “reduce”, but he did the opposite: he responded It will do what is “necessary” to protect the unity of the United Kingdom, Including the suspension of contracts already signed. After June 30, restrictions on goods from Great Britain into Northern Ireland must be fully implemented, which is necessary for the province to remain in a single European market: but London refuses to implement the agreement. The risk is that Brussels will respond with sanctions, which could provoke a trade war that will not benefit anyone.

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