April 15, 2024

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London Hole estimates postponement of Delta Variety Infections by one month to complete vaccination campaign

The Reopening of London They can wait. According to reports BBC, ll British Government A four-week adjournment for lifting is being considered Control measures Corona virus is prescribed in the country to control infections and is still in practice.

Initially scheduled to reopen June 21. The final stage of the deregulation process involves the end of each Limit I Social interactions. proof’s Downing Street They pointed out that no final decision has been made yet and an announcement is expected Monday With a variety of options on the table, with a four-week postponement, it is currently gaining more recognition amid growing fears Rise of infectious diseases And this Transmissibility of delta variation. Allow extension of control measures Vaccination schedule Should have a greater effect.

The recurrence infections caused on Friday by the former Indian variant rose to the top 8,000 per day. The impact of serious cases, hospitalizations and deaths is now – but to a lesser extent – the immediate result of a vaccination campaign that has reached the island More than 70 million volumes Managed.

The delta variation in the UK is of concern today 9 out of 10 corona virus cases. According to the reported data BBC, Almost two-thirds Not even a single dose of the vaccine was received among those affected by the Indian variant. Republic Of the 33,206 delta variant infections reported in the UK from February to date, 5.3% were reported. Two doses of the vaccine, 22.7% received one. In total, 383 people were hospitalized: 42 completed the vaccine course, 86 received a single dose, and 251 did not. Of the 42 deaths, 12 were vaccinated, according to figures quoted by the Fiat newspaper. At the current growth rate, the UK will play a role 15 thousand cases a day It will reach the January epidemic by June 21st and by the end of July. Without relaxing the rules.

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