December 7, 2023

Taylor Daily Press

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Except for a cough

He catches lobster and finds himself in the mouth of a whale: the worst adventure for a spear crab fisherman in Massachusetts. The person was swallowed by a blue whale on Cape Cod, but was rescued from Cetacean by a cough. “I thought I was going to die,” says Michael Packard, who was so disturbed inside the mammal that the whale howled and he was able to escape. “Suddenly I felt an impulse, and a second later it was black: I was completely inside the whale.” “I thought, ‘It’s over, I’m dead,'” he told the Cape Cod Times from his hospital bed. The man was admitted to the hospital with superficial injuries and his condition was not a concern.

“I thought I would never escape, and at that moment my mind went to my two children, 12 and 15 years old,” he repeats. Packard began to scatter into the whale’s mouth. The annoyed animal began to move its face from right to left before reappearing. At that point, after a dream for 30-40 seconds, the sub ‘spit’. “I saw the light, the whale was moving from side to side. Suddenly I saw myself outside,” he adds. Indispensable detail: The protagonist of another dramatic adventure ten years ago, Backard. The man was on a small tourist plane that crashed in Costa Rica. Two pilots and a passenger were killed in the crash. Survivors, including Packard, survived two days in the jungle before being rescued.