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G7, Biden introduces Beijing’s power blocking plan. But Europe has already retreated – Corriere.it

Since our sending Falmouth (Cornwall) – All of the G7’s efforts at Cornwall are aimed at revealing the similarity of purpose and vision: Boris Johnson said it was truly wonderful to see everything in person. We must ensure that we learn the lesson of the epidemic, that we do not make the same mistakes again, he stressed: and stressed the consensus of all. To recreate in a greener, more reasonable, equal way, pi Gender neutrality (I.e. without gender difference) Why not, more feminine.

But you can see them beyond the official pictures Those ripples that can’t hide the smile of the situation. The summit was supposed to signal the return of the West, coherent at the root of its global challenges and strong in its values: but one family will fight more than it was behind the scenes.

Europeans have already come to Cornwall with poisoned teeth because of Northern Ireland: LThe Brexit agreement has become a battleground between London and Brussels And the threat of a trade war with mutual sanctions looms large on the horizon. Before the launch of the G7 Merkel, Macron, Drake, Van der Leyne and Michael sat down at a table together and insisted that the EU speak with one voice: Today they all marched to Boris and told him the same thing over and over again. Agreements on Ireland have no meaning, Because the English must understand that there is no other way.

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The London-EU also clashed with Joe Biden, who came to Europe to rebuild those bridges that Trump burned behind. But even between the two sides of the Atlantic, it struggles to reconcile: and the knot of controversy Relations with China. Europeans are asking for a balanced approach with Beijing, which recognizes a multifaceted and multi-level relationship: hence a Chinese partner to global challenges, as well as an economic competitor and a systemic competitor.

But the Americans came to Cornwall Lance in their sleep, they want to give birth A final statement with a strong tone towards Beijing, With clear language. The Europeans are not there, they are engaged in a real tug of war: the statement must be balanced, not naive, as the EU delegation explained. Therefore, in the final speech, the question of the origin of the corona virus, which Europeans consider a matter of the World Health Organization, should not be asked.

More generally, EU leaders are worried that the G7 will not end A kind of anti-Chinese platform. It should also provide Americans with an investment plan as an alternative to the Silk Road.

Even in vaccines, the White House proposed patent suspension is not a magic bullet, Europeans argue, for whom Intellectual property is not a barrier to access to vaccines. For this G7, the EU wants to see its share of the world pharmacy approved, which already exports half of its production.

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