December 1, 2023

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Alaska |  medical contact

Alaska | medical contact

“You can read Alaska to your kids. A wonderful children’s book about a service dog, an epileptic boy, and friendship. As I tell the story for a while, Peter breaks into tears uncontrollably. It takes a while before he can talk again. You contribute to a solution here without Be aware.If we get a dog, he can watch Maryse and I don’t have to do it all the time.It seems like a huge relief.

I’m in the process of psychotherapy. She said Peter finds it difficult to set his limits. His father died when he was a teenager due to a brain tumor. As the eldest son, Peter took on the role of his father. His wife also suffers from epilepsy. He could become very nervous if he thought he saw an omen of an attack. Despite advances in treatment, it can get completely crazy at times. “Maybe you have something to calm him down?”

When I sit in front of Peter, I think about how easy it is to get rid of this psychiatrist. Go through the raw information (I know my therapist is very knowledgeable). Five minutes of conversation. Digital recipe for pammetje. Been completed.

But I’m not a medical professional for nothing. So I asked Peter. At fourteen he was on his father’s first shift. Horrible experience. Had EMDR for this last year and it has helped. He recognized his wife as a cheerful student. The lightness that Maryse radiated was irresistible to Peter. They have three children together. She’s been taking anticonvulsants since she got to know each other. These work well. She has a seizure every two years. When the kids were young, she hadn’t had a single seizure for seven years. The nights were always his, so Maryse slept well.

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Peter asked what her attacks looked like. After his answer, I understood a lot about his fear. Marys has a classic great evilThe spells follow each other in quick succession. I have witnessed such epilepsy case four times. Then she must be urgently taken to the hospital. It will take a few days for her to regain full consciousness.

Small movements in Mary’s face. Look in her eyes. Peter knows exactly when a seizure is imminent. It is often a false alarm. Then it stays super alert, because you never know. Always carries an extra set of pills for Maris. She does not know, otherwise she will begin to rely on him.

He would like to ride a bike with his friends in France again. But he does not dare to leave his wife with children. They do not know that their mother has epilepsy. I express my astonishment. In fact, no one really knows anything about it. Marys doesn’t want that. It is not necessary for her, because she is rarely attacked. Only her parents and brother know this. I have always respected that. He doesn’t want to burden her. Or instill guilt. As if she loved her so much that she has epilepsy.

‘So Peter, do I understand correctly that you work four days, run the house and the family and watch Maryse all the time? And that no one knows this and supports you? ›’. He nods. I let silence fall. He talks about the last time I had to go to the hospital. He was in Leave. He was sure there would be another seizure after the first, but they didn’t take him seriously in the hospital. “They thought I was too over the top.” While he was arguing with the nurse in the hallway because he didn’t want his wife to be alone, he got Mary’s on great evilA seizure in a hospital bed.

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It’s time for advice. “Well Peter, pamtje can certainly be supportive now and then. But more is needed. I would advise him to make an appointment with her neurologist with Maryse and discuss the case for him. There will likely be a possibility to connect with fellow epilepsy at the Epilepsy Society. And kids need to know what’s going on, too.I’m talking about a children’s book.

after me Alaska I read to my children, we have a dog. The question is whether Marys qualifies for official assistance for a dog. But Peter now at least realizes how heavy the burden is on his shoulders. And the amount of space available if he only thought of what it would be like if he could leave it for a while. This seems like a start

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