May 21, 2024

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All Against Hungary – Il Post

In recent days, Hungary has received widespread criticism for its recognition Controversial law This prohibits minorities from dealing with issues related to homosexuality in frequent public situations. On Tuesday, after a lengthy discussion, representatives of 14 EU member states, including Italy, signed a joint document in which they denounced the definition of the new Hungarian law as “an open discrimination”.

Properly part of the debate over the new Hungarian law Disciplinary practice Launched against Hungary about three years agoSection 7 of the Lisbon Treaty, Which allows the majority member states to punish a state that violates the values ​​of Article 2 of the Convention, namely “Human Rights, Freedom, Democracy, Equality, Rule of Law and Respect for Human Rights”: He has been increasingly ruling in a dictatorial way and has gradually limited the rights of the people of the LGBT + community.

Tuesday’s report was signed by Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden and Italy: initially Italy did not join the clarification from Hungary, but with another.

Officially the new Hungarian law aims to protect children from pedophilia, but more briefly it prohibits associations affiliated with the LGBT + community from promoting their educational programs, disseminating information about homosexuality, or seeking surgery to reorganize gender.

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The new law could ban or censor children’s books that speak openly about homosexuality. Advertising campaigns in support of the LGBT + community will not be allowed, and TV series such as TV series may be shown late in the evening or may be restricted to minors. Friends Or similar movies Billy Elliott e Harry Potter, Which talks about homosexuality.

Although Orban had already shown a reactionary and discriminatory stance against homosexuality, in December he restricted marriage between a man and a woman and banned the adoption of same-sex couples, but many saw the new law as a “turning point”.

An official from a European country, whose name has not been released He said Politics With the approval of the new law, Hungary “has really gone a long way”, while Dutch Foreign Minister Sigrid Cock stressed that “discrimination against members of the LGBT + community on the pretext of protecting children is unacceptable in the European language.”

Hungarian Minister of Justice Judith Varga has argued that the new law “does not deprive you of any of your rights and does not discriminate against any member of the community,” but also helps protect the rights of children and prohibits the so-called “campaign” of homosexuality.

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The UEFA’s decision to ban Munich city administration drew widespread criticism on Tuesday Glowing with the colors of the rainbow Symbolically, during the European football match between Germany and Hungary, the stadium Arena in Munich is scheduled for Wednesday evening.

The UEFA explained that, contrary to its neutral line, lights come in a “political context.” Munich Mayor Titer Reiter called the decision “shameful”, while German European Foreign Minister Michael Roth called the choice “bitter but predictable.”

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