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Biden’s war on the right to vote against the wall of the Republic – Corriere.it

– The People’s Law, The right to vote bill with the full support of Joe Biden will not cross the Republican wall in the Senate. A serious defeat for the progressive side and the president’s reform agenda. But the basic problem that can be primary in a long queue. Republicans use the tool Obstacles, Disrupting the bitter end, paralyzing parliamentary debate and sabotaging the administration’s plans, from arms control to economic recovery measures.

I saw these maneuvers stirring up To prevent action, Biden said. In the evening, Vice President Kamala Harris, disappointed, commented in front of the cameras: Our war does not end there. After a day of heated debate, the plan, drawn up by Senator Jeff Merkley, received all 50 Democratic votes, including the moderate Joe Munch, but did not reach the House’s target of 60s. The Democrat-controlled Chamber of Deputies approved a series of actions in response to the unleashed attack on the territory by Republicans. After the defeat of Donald Trump in the presidential election in November 2020, the Conservatives pushed for the enactment of state laws, which made it more difficult for minorities to vote., Starting with African Americans.

The series began in Georgia and Arizona, The new states are crucial to Pitan’s success. Rules have been introduced which, among other things, complicate postal voting. In some cases the restrictions are simply ridiculous. In Georgia, among other things, people queuing outside polling stations will no longer be allowed to bring food or water. The wave of conservatism in the South is spreading rapidly throughout much of the country: now 14 states have adopted similar models. Texas can also be added in the fall. Thus, the reaction of the Democrats began in the Washington Congress, mobilizing not only the White House but also former President Barack Obama.

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The immersion arrangement was delivered yesterday Modernization of voting procedures and, above all, many simplifications: from registration to ballot issuance, either in person or by letter. There is still a chance at this point. Democrat Sen. Joe Munchin, a moderate Democrat, will try to mediate another formula to accommodate some of the demands from Republicans. For example, provide that the voter will always be recognized with an identity document. Obama agreed. But Biden has already warned that he will openly address the issue if Mancin’s initiative does not work. Obstacles. In particular, he must persuade the moderate faction (Manjin, Kirsten Cinema and others) to support the nuclear option: the senators must vote in favor and end the ban. Republicans did it when they had the Senate. Now that they are a minority they are talking about a serious attack on democracy.

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