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Almost stopped by ‘arteritis’, now a World Cup player barely 18: meet sensation Beau Graves |  Darts

Almost stopped by ‘arteritis’, now a World Cup player barely 18: meet sensation Beau Graves | Darts

Everything good is on tap. Beau Greaves started pub darts when she was 10 years old, and 8 years later became the youngest participant in the World Darts Championship. A stormy development caused records to be set, but also to fight “arteritis”. a look at Ups and downs…and ups From Beau’n Arrow.

Two pints and a red vodka… bull’s eye.

Beau Greaves was a regular at the local Plow Pub in Doncaster from the age of ten. I’m not talking about her impending week of keyboards in the pub, but because a darts tournament was organized every Monday.

Her first recording was an idea of ​​one of her older brothers, who suddenly discovered her talent while playing. In the Greaves’ home playroom, there was a television on one side and a dartboard on the other.

And as is often the case in a family with 7 children, life there was in order fast. Beau often lost the race for the remote against her crazy Xbox brethren and she was just getting bored.

The start of the Doncaster Arrows uproar…

… Who is today – after 8 years – the youngest participant in the World Darts Championship.

It seems a little early for us to claim the world title, but her participation in the tournament at such a young age should come as no surprise to many darts insiders.

“I just lost to a future world champion,” said darts owner Trina Gulliver when she had to lose to 12-year-old Graves in a friendly match.

I just lost to a future world champion.

Trina Gulliver in 2016


Where young Graves used to see colors primarily on the board, the teenager increasingly began to stare blindly at the shades of black and white canvas. do or die. to miss or not to miss.

“I started playing darts for fun, but the pressure made me lose my love for the sport,” she said recently in an interview about her early childhood.

And, as is often the case with teenage talent, she herself was unable to protect her boundaries. Graves – barely 16 at the time – stubbornly persists and enrolls in Q School, Tournament qualifier for a PDC Tour Card.

The perfect shortcut to making a professional dart dream come true.

But the Q School didn’t give Greaves a tour card, but rather a “darteritus”. A condition in darts practitioners where mental block ensures that the player is too late or even afraid to let go of the dart.

The fear of failure that had begun to fester in her head suddenly became very tangible.

“On a typical evening, I hesitated for a split second before firing my arrow,” Graves said. “This mistake crept into my head and got worse and worse. As I came up to the plate, the idea that I was going to miss the plate completely got the better of me.”


Graves intervened and decided not to pick up a stock for a month.

Not long ago, lockdown was also imposed in the United Kingdom announce. Where others felt trapped between 4 walls at the time, Graves felt like coming home. So she encounters the cradle of her darts passion again: her brother’s board in the games room.

In addition, she also finds a listening ear near home in Becky, a friend of her mother’s. Through days of intense chatting with Becky, Graves’ fears of being quarantined inside her head gradually disappeared.

Since then it has been main speaker About the case, which is always silent in the professional circle.

Dart’s inflammation hasn’t completely gone away, but I’ve learned to deal with it.

Bo Graves

When the games started again, Graves had already done a mental 180-degree twist. The fact that the first tournaments were held online was a bonus.

Thousands of eyes did not poke at her back. Well, the familiar appearance of mom, dad, brothers and sisters next to her. “Gabriitis isn’t completely out of my head, but I’ve learned how to deal with it.”

“I realized again that I really love this sport.”

The perfect game in 2022

This year Graves managed to capture her heart again.

Beau ‘n Arrow is once again focused in 2022 on the big dream: becoming a world champion. In April, she really stunned the Earth at the WDF World Amateur Championships with her tireless play.

“It’s a phenomenon,” commentator Arrows Eric Clariss also saw Graves’ resurrection.

Amateur World Championship: Get Out!

Next: World Championship among professionals. Although qualifying for Ally Pally alone seemed like one Mission: Impossible.

Two entry tickets have been reserved for women. It will be distributed across the 20 floors of the PDC Women’s Series. Due to her participation in the WDF tournament, Greaves missed the first 12 appearances.

Regular clients, Lisa Ashton and Fallon Sherrock, were already making progress, but they saw it. New kid on the block Bo Graves does the impossible.

The talented 18-year-old managed to win the next 8 tournaments – no less than 52 consecutive victories. She jumped over Fallon Sherrock (who was still allowed to participate in the World Cup due to the final rule change) to second place at the last minute.

When you throw these averages, they can also make parts on the men’s circuit.

Eric Clarice

Commentator Eric Clariss called “tremendous” the thrilling victory for 18-year-old Graves. “You easily pass averages above 90 and actually win championships with averages above 100. Then you can also make parts on the men’s circuit.”

Beau ‘n Arrow proved its top form again on Sunday with victory at the WDF Winmau World Masters. Her winning streak brought her to 64 victories in a row.

It has never been better. She has never been stronger in her head. Where does this victorious streak end in the World Cup?