March 4, 2024

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‘Amazingly Beautiful’: Selena Gomez Praised for Her No-Makeup Pics |  celebrities

‘Amazingly Beautiful’: Selena Gomez Praised for Her No-Makeup Pics | celebrities

In the photos, Selena is wearing a low-waisted top. Her dark hair is in casual waves as she poses for the lens at home. She captioned the snap, “Violet’s Chemistry,” a reference to one of Miley Cyrus’ latest songs on her album, Endless Summer Vacation. The “Calm Down” singer quickly received thousands of comments from fans and fellow stars praising her. Cyrus replied with a heart. Youtuber Whitney Simmons said, “You are amazingly beautiful. I love you, my queen.” “There she goes in all her glory,” said model and influencer Swede Brooks. Youtuber Bramty added: “What a natural beauty!”

Her makeup-free photos come after the singer opened up about her weight gain. Gomez faced a lot of criticism about her appearance after her appearance at the Golden Globes. Many said: “I gained some weight.” On TikTok live, she mentioned that this is the result of her lupus medication. “The medication makes my water weight drop. If I don’t take the medication, I lose weight,” said the singer, who was told in 2014 that she had autoimmune lupus. The disease affects the skin and organs. Gomez concluded, “I am not a model and never will be.”

look. When Selena Gomez deals with a body freak, she stands up for herself.

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