July 19, 2024

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AMD beta driver seems to offer better OpenGL performance

AMD beta driver seems to offer better OpenGL performance

The new beta version of AMD’s GPU driver may bring significant improvements in the performance of OpenGL applications. Guru3D Forum Users discover this When they were testing the driver.

It is the driver with build number 31.0.12000.20010, which can be found in the latest Windows 11 Insider build. The number 31 will be here for WDDM 3.1. WDDM (Windows Display Driver Model) is the underlying architecture for the Windows graphical interface, and version 3.1 is part of the new Windows 11 22H2 (although it’s still unclear if there are improvements to version 3.0). Of course, that doesn’t mean that OpenGL improvements don’t come in other versions of Windows either.

Forum member “The Creator” compared the beta driver to the latest stable driver in the Unigine Valley Benchmark benchmarking program. The score is obviously higher for the demo driver, 6679 compared to 4328. The same test with Direct3D 11 yielded 6400 points for both versions of the driver.

Oddly enough, in another Unigine benchmark, The Creator got opposite results. In the Heaven Benchmark test, the beta driver came out at 2,688 points, and the “old” driver reached 3,628. The minimum and maximum fps were higher with the test driver.

AMD seems to be doing a lot of work on its drivers. Exactly one month ago, another update also brought performance gains in Direct3D 11.

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