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Don't Miss These 3 Android Apps and Games (Version 23 2022)

Don’t Miss These 3 Android Apps and Games (Version 23 2022)

How to make a giant ice cream cone and how to play a game with your eyes? All that and more in this weekly roundup of the best Android apps and games.

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1. The ice cream disaster

Although the idea is very simple, you keep playing Ice Cream Disaster. In this game, you are busy making the biggest ice cream possible. It’s up to you to absorb the rain from your ice cream scoops as best you can, because when the ice cream gets stuck in too much, the mixture crumbles.

Balls not only come out of the sky, but also out of obstacles. Therefore it is important not to catch everything blindly, because a frisbee or a pigeon in your horn is useless. You can also earn bonus points by rounding your ice cream with a good toppings, such as chocolate or flecks. The ice cream disaster isn’t deep, but it’s fun in between.

Download Ice Cream Disaster on Google Play Store (Free)

Ice cream arcade disaster

Ramon Bush

2. Pokedexus

New Pokémon games will be released on November 18 and to update your information you can use Pokédexus. This new app is best described as Pokédex for your smartphone. The reference book provides information about all Pokémon (nearly 900) including their evolutions.

This week's best Android apps and games

With Pokédexus, you can find out your current Pokémon’s evolution level, what their weaknesses are, and what types of enemies you are better at facing. On top of that, Pokemon Encyclopedia features fun cognitive tests and other mini-games to keep it fun. Bonus: The app is completely free.

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Download Pokédexus from the Google Play Store (Free)

Pokedexus – Catch them all

Tiffan Marinescu

3. To the Dragon’s Cave

At first glance, To The Dragon Cave is a straightforward action game, but it can seem deceiving. The game is not so much about graphics (pictures) as it is about sound. You test a shooter based on a story. This makes To The Dragon Cave very suitable for the visually impaired and blind.

To EN . Dragon Cave Trailer

So you don’t see the dragon you have to escape from at the beginning of the game, but you do hear it. This gives the game an extra layer and is interesting – even if you don’t have any vision problems. Moreover, To The Dragon Cave is a fairly standard shooting game.

You have to defeat many bosses and you can, for example, make weapons stronger. Interestingly enough, the game has four different types of endings. So your choices actually affect how you design the game.

Download To The Dragon Cave from Google Play Store (€5.99)

To the Dragon’s Cave

Kikiriki games

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