July 12, 2024

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American University of Michigan provides compensation to victims of sexual abuse

American University of Michigan provides compensation to victims of sexual abuse


The University of Michigan is set to provide nearly half a billion dollars to a thousand alumni and athletes who have been sexually abused by a doctor affiliated with the university. This agreement has not yet been formally ratified by all parties.

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They were victims of Dr. Richard Anderson, who worked at the University of Ann Arbor from 1966 to 2003 and died in 2008.

Hundreds of students, mostly men and members of sports teams, have accused him of sexual harassment in recent years. It would have happened during the regular exams.

In 2020, the university began a mediation process to provide compensation to the victims. This was done under the supervision of a federal judge.

The university has agreed to provide a total of $ 490 million to the victims. Of this, 460 million will be provided to 1,050 already known victims and 30 million to those who still wish to report. You can do this until July 31st.

“We hope this agreement will help survivors begin their healing process,” Jordan Acker, the board’s university president, said in a statement. “The work, which began two years ago, will continue when the first victims have the courage to speak up.”

In the state of Michigan, another major scandal has come to light this time around in the world of gymnastics. Simon Byles, one of many Olympic and world champion, was one of the victims. Former U.S. gymnast Larry Nasser has been sentenced to 175 years in prison for abusing hundreds of gymnasts. Nasser was affiliated with Michigan State University.

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