May 30, 2023

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An American think tank: “Russia carried out an assassination attempt on Putin to justify a new mass mobilization” | Ukraine and Russia war

The assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin was most likely orchestrated by Russia. The Kremlin hopes that this will justify another large-scale mobilization of Russian citizens to the front line. This is what the American think tank, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), claims. Russia wants its citizens to believe that war is vital to them. The aim of the false attack is to justify tougher mobilization measures.

The Russian government said on Wednesday that Ukraine had tried to attack Putin’s residence in the Kremlin with drones. Although the president was not home at the time, the attack was viewed by the Russians as an assassination attempt on him. Ukraine denies any involvement.

Was it attacked?

Although “video footage” of the alleged drone attack circulated online, the attack still raised eyebrows. Several experts, including VTM NEWS journalist Caroline van Nunen, have confirmed that the attack could be a “false flag” operation carried out by Russia itself.

ISW also follows this line of thinking. In a report published on Wednesday, the think tank said Russia faked the assassination attempt to stir up feelings of revenge among the Russian people. According to the institute, the Kremlin also hopes to justify a new, large-scale mobilization. It seems that “Russia wants its citizens to believe that the war in Ukraine is of vital importance to them.” “The aim of the false attack is to justify tougher mobilization measures.”

look. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky: “We are not attacking Putin or Moscow, we are fighting on our territory”

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Russian response ‘quick and very coherent’

The ISW lists several cases indicating that the attempt on Putin’s life was bogus. First, Russia has recently beefed up its air defenses, making it “highly unlikely” that Ukrainian drones could reach the Kremlin, according to the think tank. In addition, it is not unreasonable to take amazing pictures of the destruction of the drones. It’s very beautifully shot, it seems.

The think tank also stresses that the Russian government’s response would have been more chaotic and less coordinated if the attack had occurred unexpectedly. “The swift and consistent statement by the Russians indicates that Moscow staged this incident in response to the annual parade on May 9,” the report said.

The ISW predicts that more Russian false flag operations may follow. Russia reportedly wants to spread as much misinformation as possible to increase public support, preferably before Ukraine launches its long-awaited counterattack.

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