May 30, 2023

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An expensive buy option, an interest in English: The CEO of Antwerp stunned with a statement about the future of gold

The season is now over for OH Leuven, but certainly not yet a single Leuven player. What will happen to him?

Antwerp struggled with a lot of midfield injuries in the winter and thus Mandela brought Keita to OH Leuven on a lease basis on the last day of the transfer window.

This summer they finally managed to bring him in, but the option is no less than ten million euros. That’s a lot.


Antwerp CEO Sven Jacques said extra time About Keita. “The option is too expensive. It’s not possible for us.”

Still a great story. In OH Leuven, he started with a broken foot, but even his fitness had to deal with the raids. In the end, he had a total of 231 minutes, in Antwerp he was allowed to play almost everything.

According to Transfermarkt, his market value has now risen to €3.5m, but in the meantime Leeds, Blackburn and Norwich, among others, are already preying on him.

Keita Paintsil

Thus a player may be paid a multiplier. “Oh Leuven has to think too, because he might not give up less with them. It won’t be easy, he usually goes back to Leuven,” Jaecques also commented on the matter.

intermediate solution?

It is possible to look for and find another intermediate solution in the coming weeks, but they don’t suppose in Antwerp at the moment.

According to analysts, Mandela Keita is currently worth less than ten million euros, but it could be so in the long run. Perhaps both teams will come out with, say, a four million euro transfer fee and 50% of the resale value. If they believed in it in Leuven, it could still be ten million in the long run.

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