March 4, 2024

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An impressive 'four innings' sparks a battle between coaches during the first auditions in 'The Voice of Flanders' |  television

An impressive 'four innings' sparks a battle between coaches during the first auditions in 'The Voice of Flanders' | television

The new season of “The Voice of Flanders” started with a bang. Coaches Natalia, Quinn Waters, Jan Paternoster and Matthieu Therrien were once again armed with the red button, ready to compete for the powerful votes. Quinn immediately succeeded in linking two of the coveted “four tools.” “I never heard what she could do with her voice,” Quinn says after his first acquisition.

Can Natalya keep her crown for the third season in a row? Not if it depends on Matteo, Quinn, and Jean. “That's enough, it's up to us. We are doing our best to achieve victory,” he said in a combative tone. Or will a candidate from “The Voice Comeback Stage” of fifth coach Laura win on VTM GO for the first time? What is certain: it will be a hot battle, Because the first episode was already packed with amazing sounds.

The first notes that appeared in the studio – sung by Charlotte, 22 – were enough to immediately turn Jan and Matteo away. Without a doubt, they turned their chairs to Charlotte's intimate cover of Harry Styles' “Fallin'.” Quinn and Natalia didn't wait long. After an initial fiery battle between the coaches, Charlotte chose a spot on Quinn's team. Although the young talent is regularly questioned about her singing skills, as the first female quartet, she has set the bar very high for the other nominees.

However, these other candidates should not be underestimated. For the first time in the program's history, coaches are allowed to press their red button indefinitely. This was also eagerly used during Wouts testing (24). Since Season 1, this talent has dreamed of one day participating on The Voice and now that dream has come true. Wout's unique voice on his version of Beyoncé's song “1+1” left every coach wanting more. However, in the end he could only choose from three trainers, because Jean used his first super block against Matteo. Wout began to have doubts, but he also decided to join Koen's team.

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Another audition to remember: Elke (49), who took the stage with Cam's country song “Diane.” Loyal fans of The Voice may remember her from Season 2. Then she ended up in Natalia's team and got to the fights. All these years later, it seems her then-coach is still her biggest fan, because Natalia pressed her red button again. She was the only one, but fortunately, Elk didn't seem to mind that much.

“The Voice Van Vlaanderen” can be watched every Friday at 8:40pm and Sunday at 8pm on VTM and also on VTM GO.

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