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Stroeykens tekende voor de 1-2.

Anderlecht overtakes Liers Kemppensonen after a bloody penalty shootout | Croque Cup 2022/2023

Anderlecht successfully completed a fantastic penalty shootout. Liers Kempinsonen held up to 8-8, but then missed twice in a row. Goalkeeper Bart Verbruggen kicked his team into the next round in the cup.


  • 23′ Silva (penalty kick) 0-1
  • 24′ Tabiko 1-1
  • 45 + 4′ Stroykens 1-2
  • 80′ Vikeman 2-2
  • Penalties: 8-9

Watch the full penalty shootout here:

Anderlecht was flattered to take the lead in the first half

Anderlecht and Liers K. Three well-full days in the cup tonight. Visitors started well on Lisp. There was a lot of pressure and Leerse had a lot of trouble playing football.

It didn’t lead to great chances, but just over 20 minutes later the ball went to the RSCA position. Amozu quickly overtook the Raymakers, after which he incorrectly stopped the winger, according to the referee. debatable stage.

Fabio Silva went behind the ball and cleverly drew the leather in the top corner. Anderlecht did not have much time to enjoy this lead, because after only two minutes goalkeeper Verbruggen had to turn around. Tapiko was alone in the chest and could simply head up a cross. to reset everything.

After that, Anderlecht also struggled to create chances, but just before the break they took the lead again. After a chaotic stage, Stroykens got the ball into the penalty area via Silva. The youngster had possession of the ball and was able to beat goalkeeper De Smet with a good shot.

Stroykens signed 1-2.

Cover on the nose

After the break, we did not see any danger in the goal. Anderlecht had the ball, but could not do much with it, so the lead remained only one goal.

Ten minutes before the end, a cap was placed over the visitors’ nose. A simple through pass is good for Wikimans and he manages to put the ball in the net next to Verbruggen. So there is no winner after 90 minutes and overtime.

Anderlecht also found it difficult to play good football in overtime. The greatest chances in determining the match were in favor of the home team, but the ball did not enter. Penalty kicks were supposed to choose the winner.

Vikemans celebrates 2-2.

Shocking penalty kicks

The balls had not entered after the regular time, but this problem was a thing of the past with penalty kicks.

At least 16 consecutive penalties were converted accurately. 8 vs 8! When De Schryver missed Lierse’s ninth penalty kick, Lissens, who had just entered, was able to finish it for Anderlecht, but he was also unable to finish it.

The decision only came after Libert failed to convert Lier’s next penalty as well. Goalkeeper Verbruggen managed to convert the penalty kick. 8-9 for Anderlecht. The team continues the cup and therefore can still dream of the cup. KRC Genk is waiting for the next round.

Check out post-game reactions here

  1. Penalties, 22 hours, 57 game over

  2. Penalty kicks, 11 p.m. 41. Penalties: 8-9: Anderlecht advances. Verbrugging do it yourself! The goalkeeper takes a good penalty and sends Anderlecht to the next round. Visitors escape unharmed. Lierse players are disappointed.
  3. Penalties, 11 pm 41. Penalties: 8-8. Another chance for Anderlecht! Libert’s weak shot was easily stopped by Verbruggen. .
  4. Penalties: 11:40 p.m. Penalties: 8-8. Goalkeeper de Smit keeps Lierse in the cup! Take a bullet for the poor Licens from his cage! .
  5. Penalties 11 pm 39. Penalties: 8-8. There is a miss! De Shriver kicks the ball over the bar! .
  6. Penalties, 11 pm 38. Penalties: 8-8. Ice cold in the corner. Ashimeru makes it 8-8. .
  7. Penalties, 11 pm 38. Penalties: 8-7. This also goes towards the intersection. De Schreifer scored the 15th penalty in a row. .
  8. Penalties, 11:37pm, penalties: 7-7. Raman shoots the ball non-stop. .
  9. Penalties, 11 pm 36. Penalties: 7-6. Verbruggen seemed to have had that for a while, but Gillekens kicked hard enough. .
  10. Penalties, 11:35 p.m. Penalties: 6-6. Delcroix preserves the report perfectly. .
  11. Penalties, 11:35 p.m. Penalties: 6-5. Keep flying. And Wikeman doesn’t fail either. .
  12. Penalty kicks, 11 p.m. 34. Sanctions: 5-5. Silva can’t be missed either. So every subsequent penalty kick can be fatal. .
  13. Penalty kicks, 11 p.m. 34. Sanctions: 5-4. Verbruggen picks the right angle, but captain Van Acker can breathe a sigh of relief. Fabio Silva is ready. .
  14. Penalties at 11:33 pm Penalties: 4-4. Young Seddiqi does not hesitate and gently kicks him. Money time! .
  15. Penalties at 11:32 pm Penalties: 4-3. Another one at the intersection! Prepels with a beautiful penalty kick. .
  16. Penalties, 11 pm 31. Penalties: 3-3. Diawara also ends well. .
  17. Penalties, 11 p.m. 31. Penalties: 3-2. Perfect penalty kick from Schutterden. No chance for Verbruggen. .
  18. Penalties at 11:30 pm Penalties: 2-2. No stress with Leonie. The midfielder kicks the ball through the middle into the goal. .
  19. Penalty kicks at 11:30 pm Penalty 2-1. There is no chance for goalkeepers at the moment. Nor does Rocha fail. .
  20. Penalties 11 pm 28. Penalties: 1-1. Rafaelov sends De Smet to the wrong side. .
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