December 4, 2022

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'Brugge blow': the disappearance of super talent and the collapse of millions of transfers 'Football 24'

‘Brugge blow’: the disappearance of super talent and the collapse of millions of transfers ‘Football 24’

Thursday 10 November 2022 – 21:00 am by the editorial board

Club Brugge thrives in many areas, but every now and then the champion has to suffer a major setback.

Because Newspaper Now suddenly it is reported that defensive midfielder Noah Mbamba, who is still only 17 years old, has no intention of renewing his contract. It will expire at the end of this season in June 2023.

The defensive midfielder stole as a super talent a few years ago at KRC Genk and struck like a comet under Philip Clement at the age of sixteen, but barely managed to play after that.

He is no longer working under Karl Hofkins this season, due in part to the successful transfer of Rafael Onedica. This is why Mbamba and his entourage are aiming for a transfer-free departure. Heavy streak through Bruggelings bill.

international youth

Both at the athletic level – the young man remains a real talent who is also international for youth, as well as financially. Because Klopp really saw Mbamba grow into a million dollar transfer. Only he will leave soon for free. Unless there is another transport in the winter Mercato.

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Ook onder Carl Hoefkens komt hij dit seizoen niet meer aan de bak, mede door de succestransfer van Raphael Onyedika. Vandaar dat Mbamba en zijn entourage aansturen op een transfervrij vertrek. Een zware streep door de rekening voor de Bruggelingen.


Zowel op sportief vlak - de youngster blijft een rasecht talent dat ook jeugdinternational, als op financieel vlak. Want Club zag in Mbamba echt wel uitgroeien tot een miljoenentransfer. Alleen zal hij straks dus gratis vertrekken. Tenzij er in de wintermercato nog een transfer uit de bus valt.


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