June 5, 2023

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Anderlecht receives very good and unexpected news about Eupen’s match, Reimer is talking about Vershaeren’s replacement

Anderlecht have come through the international break quite well. All of their international players are back to fitness. So only Yari Verschaeren has been in the junkyard for so long. Brian Rimmer had good news for three others.

Hannes Delcroix and Marco Kana will play 45 minutes tonight for RSCA Futures. “One half, because I want to be able to pick them up for Sunday’s game if I need them. They’re both fit and they proved in the friendly against PSV that they’re ready,” Rimmer said.

One surprising name to choose on Sunday is that Islam Soleimani was also found suitable for the service. “He was actually on the practice field yesterday and yesterday before him,” Rimmer said. “Our medical staff was able to work with him all the time and now we deal with him day in and day out.” Chances are slim that he will be at the base.

Meanwhile, Yari Verschaeren begins the long road back. “I spoke to him and he was positive. Right before the surgery he was down a bit, but now that his knee has healed, he’s looking forward to getting into it again. I’m going to get him on the team as much as possible anyway, because he’s one of the U.S.”

Appointing a replacement becomes more difficult. As we think, this will be Lior Rafaeloff in Eupen. “I told the rest how lucky they are to be able to train and play in the cold and the rain when you see what happened to Yari. He was my talisman, he played everything.”

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“But fortunately we still have a lot of good midfielders. Arnstad, Achimero, Rafaelov, Diawara…we have the ability to replace him.”