June 9, 2023

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Kinselary Celebrates Björg Lambrecht During the Runde: “It Should Be a Biking Party” | Cycling

On Sunday, there will be a special moment very early in the Tour of Flanders. Shortly after the start, the peloton passes Knesselare, home of the late Bjorg Lambrecht, on the day he would have turned 26. “For her birthday, de Ronde, it could be a real cycling party,” says his sister, Brit.

When Brett Lambrecht arrived at the riders’ hotel, she had a sturdy metal suitcase with her. reveal “there is a measure in it”.

After her brother’s tragic accident, she never turned her back on the cycling world. On the contrary: She has been working as a nutritionist for Team Lotto since this season.

“I set up feeding schedules that way the passengers can see what they should be eating in the app. If they have additional questions, they can always contact me. That’s why I’m with the team as much as possible.”

After an internship with registered dietitian Gino Devriendt, I was able to start Lotto – Dstny. Lamprecht is the first full-time registered dietitian on the team. “What if I’m in for any surprises? That’s not so bad. What the riders eat at home, some had work to do there, mainly out of ignorance.”

“In the meantime, they’re following me, so I’m satisfied and I’ve only had positive feedback. The team is doing a good job, so they might notice it’s working,” Brett laughs.

Brother and sister dream

Lotto is of course the team where brother Björg built his career, until that tragic fall during the Tour of Poland on August 5, 2019. Isn’t it so painful for her to face her deceased brother?

“It was our dream to one day work together in the Lotto. To be here alone now is a weakness. But you notice he’s still here.”

For example, due to the decals on the support vehicles and the team bus “Matchbox 143”, Bjorg’s nickname and the last number he wore. “When I saw it, I first had a lump in my throat, but now I think it’s especially good that it’s still there that way.”

“I notice that it’s sometimes hard to talk about, especially to riders who knew him. I sound like him, I hear a lot, and it can be confrontational. I’ve already talked about Bjorg with some of his caregivers.”

I’m alone in a double Lotto-Dstny, but you’ve noticed Bjorg is still here.

Brett Lambrecht

Not a dark day, but a party

The crossing of the Runde is the reason for the homage of Björg Lambrecht in Knecellare. After breakfast, the match can be watched on a big screen and Knesselare is festively decorated with flags and pictures of Bjorg.

Brett Lambrecht thinks it’s okay to be treated like a party. “His birthday is a positive day. Unlike August 5th, which is a very dark day.”

So she has already decided that she will not be going to the Tour of Poland this year. “But we are trying to have an extra celebration on April 2nd this year, with the Tour of Flanders on her birthday.”

Hear the report with Brett Lambrecht above.

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