December 7, 2023

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Anouk Maton's reaction after harsh criticism of his reality series: 'I admit it's getting better' |  TV

Anouk Maton’s reaction after harsh criticism of his reality series: ‘I admit it’s getting better’ | TV

TVFor six weeks, VTM 2 model gets a glimpse into the life of DJ, entrepreneur and “new mom” Anouk Mattoon (29). In the first episode we saw how the other half of Dimitri Vegas (39) set her sights on the baby shower and how she “cleaned” her house with sage. Right after that, the reactions were devastating, and Anok himself didn’t miss it.

Not only experts and reviewers, but viewers also express their dissatisfaction with “Anouk Matton Privé”. Weekly HUMO gave the series a zero review, and according to De Morgen the new reality series is “the torture chamber of contemporary Flemish television” and also Our TV references He noted that he “presented Mattoon’s ups and downs for the time being” Spiritual coach wise of his digital rank.

One also asked on Twitter about a positive message in the sea of ​​negative comments: “How other world can you be?” Also: “Who’s watching this bullshit anyway?” and “This is the new low point of the Flemish media.”

‘too divided’

All the feedback didn’t escape Anuk herself, she admits at Qmusic radio studio. At the beginning of the show, she indicated that she was just hoping that people would find her more sympathetic. “People have the wrong idea about me. They only think about the lifestyle of the rich and famous, that everything with us is roses and sunsets. But this is not a reflection of my reality.”

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“The reactions were very divided, if I have to be honest,” she now says. “I have received a lot of positive messages in which people say they are shocked at me, that they think I am a warm and sympathetic person. But if I had to believe the press, I would be grounded.”

However, all the comments really cut it off: “I admit it’s hard to read such things about yourself. But on the other hand, there are also a lot of people I don’t know who send me compliments. So I try to focus on that.”

“Anouk Matton Privé”, every Monday at 9.40pm on VTM 2 or via VTM GO.

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