May 28, 2024

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As a result, more cyclists are killed after being hit by an SUV or crossover |  car

As a result, more cyclists are killed after being hit by an SUV or crossover | car

A US study revealed that SUVs and crossovers cause more crashes, with more fatalities and injuries, than “normal” cars. And although these types of cars are larger on average in the United States than in Europe, the reason is often the same.

SUVs are usually heavy and don’t offer particularly good aerodynamics, yet they are very popular with motorists. The high seating position gives you a good overview and boarding is also easy for the elderly. And you feel safe. However, this sense of security has a downside, because research has already shown that in a collision between an SUV and a regular car, the victims often fall into the other vehicle.

Cyclists hit a higher point

Cyclists and pedestrians are also worse off if they’re hit by an SUV or crossover, previous research has shown. The often angled structure of these types of cars is thought to be more susceptible to injury, but a new study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) shows that the most serious injuries result primarily from SUVs colliding with cyclists at a higher point.

Increased chance of overtaking

“As a result, SUVs tend to throw cyclists to the ground at the risk of running them over, rather than lifting them onto the hood, as standard cars often do,” said Sam Monfort, IIHS statistician. . the study. For his study, Monfort evaluated detailed accident data from 71 bicycle accidents in the US state of Michigan.

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Head injuries twice as often

The study found that head injuries resulting from a blow to asphalt were more common in SUV crashes than in collisions with other vehicles. In a previous study, the IIHS came to a similar negative conclusion for SUV collisions with pedestrians: the risk of fatal injury here is higher than in collisions with “normal” cars. Also in this case, the study attributed the increased risk to the raised front sections of the SUV.

SUVs and crossovers dominate

More and more assistance systems are designed to prevent accidents – and they are also increasingly mandatory in vehicles. In the United States, the number of fatal cycling accidents has risen dramatically in the past decade: in 2010 there were 621, in 2020 there were already 932 riders who have died on American roads. The reason the researchers suspect is the dominance of pickups, crossovers, and SUVs in the US auto fleet.

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