February 21, 2024

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Aspyr admitted that there is no way to complete KOTOR II when converting

Knights Of The Old Republic II, featuring three characters holding light swords and firecrackers in front of their ship.

screenshotasper / obsidian

Excuse me. Aspyr, the developer/porter behind the latest version of Knights of the Old Republic II on nintendo switch, chirp You realize that it is currently impossible to finish the game.

Austin-based Aspyr has made a name for itself by porting classic games to new systems and recently brought a slew of Star Wars titles to the Switch. The latest is a painful but very beautiful name Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – Sith LordsReleased two weeks ago.

But after some pressure from a customer, the studio acknowledged that it understands the game is currently buggy, so it can’t be completed on a Nintendo handheld device.

It was an impressive effort by Daniel Moore, who was the first to ask if the company “realizes that there is no way to end this game?” Asper replied: With a somewhat vague comment about “a known issue that will be fixed in the next patch”, and then the link to their support pages. But Moore pushed the studio further, explaining that he was aware of the problem repeating his question† Are they aware?

Then Asper Fassing replied. “Yes, we are aware,” she said, before adding, “Our development team is working to deliver the patch as soon as possible.”

He appears Game crashes after playing “Basilisk Crash” sceneshown When players reach Onderon. This is very annoying about halfway through the game.

It raises some important questions about quality assurance in the game, which can be assumed and issued in a form that is impossible to complete. There is also the question of how long Aspyr has realized that its product has a game-breaking bug affecting all players, but has failed to communicate it to potential and existing customers. We called We strive to ask these questions.

Nintendo can be particularly annoying when it comes to releasing patches for games, which will add to the delay before this is fixed. But hey Kricky, what a mistake I made, although oddly fitting given the lackluster history of this game since 2004. It’s definitely worth continuing to buy this great Obsidian RPG until better news comes out.

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